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Dave Aron
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9 years with Gartner
26 years in IT industry

Dave Aron is a vice president and distinguished analyst in Gartner's CIO Research group, focusing on IT leadership issues. Mr. Aron is a thought leader on business and IT strategy, mergers and acquisitions, CEO-CFO-CIO interactions, benefits realization, governance….Read Full Bio

The Difference Between IT Strategy and Digital Strategy

by Dave Aron  |  November 12, 2013

I am really enjoying Gartner’s Barcelona Symposium. Having lots of animated discussions around digital strategy, chief digital officer etc. Plenty of differences of opinion; some great exploratory discussions. I would like to share something I said in one of my presentations that a lot of people told me they found useful: IT Strategy is a […]

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5 Facts about Chief Digital Officers

by Dave Aron  |  November 6, 2013

My colleague Mark Raskino wrote a very interesting blog today entitled “5 Facts about Chief Data Officers“. Here is a companion piece – Five facts about Chief Digital Officers (the other CDO!) I. Our recent global search and early evidence from our 2014 CIO Survey (thank you if you have contributed) have unearthed about 500 […]

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Two Speed IT is Capturing Everyone’s Imagination

by Dave Aron  |  October 31, 2013

Emerging from our early CIO Survey results, mentioned in our Symposium keynotes, and elaborated in our CIO Survey presentations at Symposia around the world, the notion of Two Speed IT seems to be capturing the mood of clients – a need to keep some things safe and steady, but be fast and reactive in other […]

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To celebrate clients’ enthusiasm for digital – some digital poetry!

by Dave Aron  |  October 20, 2013

Returning from Tokyo symposium, I was excited that despite being a little more conservative than clients in Orlando with respect to the digital zeitgeist, all Japanese clients I spoke to recognized the shift from a narrower Enterprise IT to a broader digital world, with associated leadership and technology challenges, as both inevitable and exciting. To […]

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Kill Your Digital Ghosts

by Dave Aron  |  March 23, 2013

We have kicked off the work for a six month project to investigate Digital Business Strategy (to be published as the September Gartner EXP report) – What is one?  What does it contain? What is its relationship to overall business strategy, and IT strategy? How to create one? etc. The early stages of the research […]

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EMEA CIO Forum coming

by Dave Aron  |  March 8, 2013

I am really looking forward to co-chairing The EMEA CIO Leadership Forum “The Digital Enterprise and Beyond” – next Monday to Wednesday – at the Sofitel Heathrow T5. We have some fascinating external speakers, including Michael Woodford, ex-CEO of Olympus, Sebastian Herfurth, co-Founder of Friendsurance, Rory Sutherland, Creative Director at Ogilvy, and Gerry Pennell, who […]

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Getting Deep On Digital

by Dave Aron  |  March 4, 2013

I just got back from a two week detox. On detox programs you have a lot of time on your hands, and you don’t feel too keen to enter the outside samsara of food, drinks and merriment. Trapped in my austere little beach hut, I did a lot of reading and writing, and reflected on […]

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Clusters being debated on HBR today

by Dave Aron  |  February 1, 2013

Last year, as part of the Gartner Maverick program, I wrote about a radical new model for talent – clusters. Today, the idea is being discussed on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.      

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A Clustered Future

by Dave Aron  |  November 21, 2012

At our symposia in Barcelona, Orlando and Gold Coast – I presented my maverick research called “Stop Hiring People; Start Hiring Clusters”. The core idea behind it is that companies should hire pre-formed teams who have learned to work together and have their own tools and work practices, but to hire that team as a […]

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Unearth Deep Digital Innovation By Questioning Industry Assumptions – Education is A Great Example

by Dave Aron  |  November 19, 2012

I have spent the last two years researching deeply innovative business models across all industries. One of the findings was that very few companies have been deeply innovative, at least partly because they have mainly used information and technology to tune their existing business processes rather than rethink their business model. Education is a great […]

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