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3D Printing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By Daryl Plummer | March 03, 2014 | 0 Comments

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 What’s the impact of 3D printing on society? According to a PBS Newshour story, 3D printing can produce everything from ballet shoes to human tissue.

3D printing represents a different kind of disruption from other IT-related technologies  — in the world of bioprinting it affects things largely centered on the physical world (e.g.,  tissue and organs) rather than the digital one. How will 3D printing be governed and regulated? Who will ensure quality? What are the intellectual property risks?

In Gartner Top Predictions 2014, Pete Basiliere, Gartner research vice president, and I wrote that 3D bioprinting brings opportunities and risks. By 2016, 3D printing of tissues and organs (bioprinting) will cause a global debate about regulating the technology or banning it for both human and nonhuman use. Read the full report, Gartner Top Predictions 2014: Plan for a Disruptive, but Constructive Future.   

The 3D bioprinting market continues to rapidly mature, making technological advances without full awareness of the ramifications (see Organovo’s 3D liver image and UPenn Vet School’s 3D printed model of dog’s skull that appeared in a recent article).


How will 3D bioprinting help transform your business?  View Gartner Top Predictions 2014: Plan for a Disruptive, but Constructive Future to see key findings, market implications and recommendations. Discover the competitive advantages that await early adopters.

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