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G-Men #5 : If it’s shiny, it must be new!

By Daryl Plummer | February 22, 2009 | 5 Comments

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G-men #5: click the image for a larger view.

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  • Anthony Bradley says:

    Finding the “old” in something is easy. Anyone can do it and everyone does. Extending beyond the old and finding the new in something is much more difficult. This is innovation and the population here is much reduced. Expending a lot of effort around identifying the old in something is wasted time and those participants run the risk of being viewed as dinosaurs reliving their glory days. Spend the time honing in on what is new and how you can innovate around it.

  • Anthony Bradley says:

    Great cartoon by the way.

  • Daryl Plummer says:

    Thanks. Seeing the past is a lot easier than seeing the future. If we always try to turn everything we encounter into everything we have already known, we wil wind up walking backwards in the wrong direction.

  • Hi Daryl — I’m going to share your cartoon with our blog readers. Well done!

    peace, Wayne

  • Daryl Plummer says:

    Always a good thing. thanks, Wayne!