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There is no Red Pill for Knowledge Management

By Darin Stewart | February 04, 2022 | 0 Comments

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I speak with a lot of business leaders about knowledge management. I’m starting to think they have watched “The Matrix” a few times too many.  In that movie, Neo becomes a martial arts expert by simply jacking in. Trinity instantly becomes a helicopter pilot by downloading the necessary expertise directly into her head, while in the middle of a gun battle no less. More and more executives want their KM programs to work the same way.  The expectation is instant onboarding and effortless upskilling.  Knowledge management doesn’t work this way. There is no replacement for study, internalization and application in order for new knowledge and skills to take root. Technology can help.  A well-structured knowledgebase, graph-driven search, and yes machine learning and artificial intelligence can all accelerate knowledge transfer and acquisition if properly applied. Even so, staff need time, resources and incentive to create, consume and share knowledge resources.  No KM platform, however AI-infused, will enable your staff to login for 20 minutes and then declare ‘whoa. I know kung fu.’

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