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Danny Brian
Research VP
4 years at Gartner
21 years IT industry

Danny Brian covers presentation layer technologies, tools and techniques - the stuff people interact with on endpoint devices, and the ways to make it great. Read Full Bio.

All I Want for Christmas is Web Components (TIA MSFT)

by Danny Brian  |  December 17, 2015

tl;dr Think of the el.children! Dear Web developers, Brad Dayley and I just published the new version of Gartner’s JavaScript framework comparison. In it, we take a careful look at deployment and community rage^H^H^H^Htrends, as well as hiring direction for the various frameworks. AngularJS remains king as far deployment is concerned; we also include Backbone.js (as […]

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The IoT is the Democratization of Presence

by Danny Brian  |  April 15, 2015

At the surface, the Internet of Things may look like a simple continuation of everything that has come before: Computing continues to miniaturize, network access spreads, big data evolves, and eventually we end up with more stuff connected and more ways to utilize that stuff than ever. But this misses a major shift about to […]

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Reduce Framework Dependency With Solid JavaScript Coding Patterns

by Danny Brian  |  April 7, 2015

Much has been written, and some by me, about the interesting ways that modern web app architecture (single page, etc.) changes the way we build applications. Today’s web browser and its hybrid incarnations is a full-blown application runtime, capable of acting as a development platform, as a compilation target (<= follow those links!), and even as a […]

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Three D’s of Technology Evolution

by Danny Brian  |  March 24, 2015

Throughout the history of technology, inventions that became foundational exhibited several attributes. Typically, these attributes became clear only after many steps or phases in their innovation, providing something of a loose maturity model that may be applied to many types of technologies. Among my software friends, I like to call these the “D’s”, and there’s some […]

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Keep Calm and Transclude (Some Thoughts on Angular 2.0)

by Danny Brian  |  December 19, 2014

I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic. But since the JavaScript blogosphere erupted over AngularJS 2.0 design previews, I’ve been flooded with questions over the “meaning” of the Angular … fallout. This anti-hype is not deserved, in my opinion. 1. It’s a design preview. Angular 2.0 won’t be available for use for at least a year, […]

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Show Me the Requirements, I Will Show You the Solution

by Danny Brian  |  October 13, 2014

At Gartner Symposium in Orlando last week, I had just gotten off stage from my presentation “Rekindle the Fire in IT”, rushing to my next meeting. En route, I overheard the following bit of conversation: “So I said to her, look, you show me the requirements, and I show you the solution. End of story.” […]

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Testing Multichannel Web Apps

by Danny Brian  |  June 17, 2013

We’ll be talking a lot about Web technologies and multichannel strategies like responsive design at the upcoming Catalyst conference. Here is a preview of that content.

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The Renaissance Developer (part 1)

by Danny Brian  |  October 4, 2012

Nearly every day, I overhear someone remark on how dramatically the world of technology has changed. Mobile. Social. Cloud. Information. If most professionals think their lives have changed as the result of this nexus, just imagine how developers feel! Our world is barely recognizable. Some developers welcome this change, and rise to the challenge. My […]

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Adobe Edge is Kinda a Big Deal

by Danny Brian  |  September 27, 2012

I spent many years building Flash and Flex applications. A lot of the criticism leveled at the browser plugin had nothing to with the technology, and everything to do with the type of content developers built with it. Sure, plugins did require a bit of bending to users’ mental model, but was that really a […]

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Several Thousand Sticky Notes Later

by Danny Brian  |  May 4, 2012

During my career, I’ve helped to spearhead multiple User Experience initiatives. The key to this undertaking is to conduct ongoing user studies as part of development iterations. Where analytics seeks to make sense of quantitative data, user studies seek to answer qualitative questions about users and their use of software. What are users thinking when they land on your Web […]

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