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Listen, IT Leader: Tool to Assess the Effectiveness of Your Team’s Culture for Your Company’s Digital Ambition

By Daniel Sanchez Reina | September 06, 2021 | 0 Comments

Most organizations are striving to adapt their culture to accelerate their digital journey. CIOs and IT Leaders can use this tool to identify the necessary culture changes to ensure their team’s behaviors are well-aligned to their enterprise’s digital ambition.

Culture is an extraordinary enabler of digital ambitions, but it can also jeopardize them.

Our research shows that, without the appropriate culture, the chances to succeed in your transformations diminish significantly (transformations in your digital ambitions, in your operating model, in your IT or enterprise strategies, etc). Behaviors are the manifestation of a culture. Changing the behaviors in your IT organization will be a key element for success.

In Gartner, we have developed a tool that provides you with a set of criteria to evaluate the current culture gap of your IT organization. These criteria are organized around the 4 components of Business Models: External Clients/Citizens, Finance, Capabilities, Value Proposition.

The tool provides you with:

  • The fundamental behaviors (aka cultural attributes) CIOs should start developing from today.


Example of Recommendations — Behaviors

  • The overall culture alignment degree your IT organization has, and a high-level diagnostics that summarizes your situation — There are five degrees: unaligned, awakening, settling, aligned and forward-looking.


Example of Alignment Degree

Example of High-Level Diagnostic

  • Intention/Action your organization has:
    • Intention: The current focus, for each of the business model components, on the Intention to do what you have to do (“I know what I have to do”)
    • Action: The current focus, for each of the business model components, on the Action to make things happen (“I act upon it”)


Example of Intention/Action Results

  • The Present/Future focus of your organization:
    • Present: The current focus, for each of the business model components, on the Present
    • Future: The current focus, for each of the business model components, on the Future


Example of Present/Future Results

  • The diagnostic based on the scores in Intention/Action and Present/Future. Example:

Example of Intention/Action and Present/Future Diagnostics

  • Specific recommendations about how to evolve the culture alignment of each component of the business model to its next degree.


Example of Recommended Actions

With all this information, CIOs and IT Leaders will have a clear picture of where they should focus their attention to overcome the cultural barriers that jeopardize the IT organization’s ability to support their enterprise’s digital ambition.

To access the tool, go to “Tool: Assessment of Culture Alignment to Your Enterprise’s Digital Ambition” (Gartner suscription required).


May wisdom and courage be with you.

Daniel Sanchez-Reina


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