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Get Your Team Ready for this Perpetual-Change Era

By Daniel Sanchez Reina | August 19, 2019 | 1 Comment

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Gartner’s ContinuousNext concept is defined as “perpetual renewal, swift delivery and interaction to consistently benefit from unending change.” It is all about the current environment that surrounds us. You, as a leader, have to establish the foundational elements that will get your organization/department ready for it.

Dissecting and delving into the definition of ContinuousNext, we find the following elements:

  • Perpetual renewal, which requires challenging yourself (and your team) to go beyond the status quo and embrace a growth mindset.
  • Swift delivery, which requires enterprise agility to waste as few efforts as possible. Yet, there is still an important balance between speed and quality that must be respected. Speed and quality have to be intertwined. ContinuousNext requires that the latter is not an obstacle for the former.
  • Interaction, which requires true seamless integration with internal and external clients (lines of business, customers/citizens) to ensure the highest levels of customer centricity.

The enemies of ContinuousNext:

  • Perpetual renewal is jeopardized by two glass ceilings:
    • Best practices that are equal to other best practices in similar industries provide efficiency but not competitive advantage
    • Order-taking mindset, which prevents your organization/department from becoming a proactive “business enabler”
  • Swift delivery is hindered in many companies because the concept of “agile” is considered a constrained practice and applicable to the IT organization only.
  • Interaction to consistently benefit from unending change cannot be fully developed when your organization/department does not hear the voice of customers/citizens directly.

The enhancers of ContinuousNext:

  • Challenge yourself and your team by going beyond best practices — which are still necessary to provide efficiency — and start exploring next practices — which provide competitive advantage.
  • Display a growth mindset by moving from being a mere order taker to a business enabler.
  • Scale the IT agility concept across the entire enterprise by becoming a change agent toward an enterprise agility framework (EAF).
  • Get as close to customers/citizens as possible by securing line of business (LOB) leaders’ support to facilitate direct encounters when appropriate.
If you want to learn more about practical ways to action those enhancers, see “Setting the ContinuousNext Foundation in Your Team”.
May wisdom and courage be with you.
Daniel Sanchez Reina
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