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Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference (IOCS) – Back in Person!

By Daniel Betts | September 26, 2022 | 0 Comments

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2022 is Gartner’s IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies (IOCS) incredible 41st year in Las Vegas, and 18th year in London.

However, more importantly we are back in person for the first time since 2019, and we can’t wait to have you join us!

Theme for 2022 IOCS conferences: Empowering the Anywhere Business 

Businesses across the globe are challenged to bring value and innovation wherever their customers are. Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders have a critical role to play in transforming and enhancing their capabilities to empower the anywhere business. Focusing on  enhancing customer experiences and developing staff and skills, while building and operating resilient, sustainable, secure, and scalable platforms & systems.  

Are you an I&O Executive, Data Center & IT Infrastructure, IT Operations or IT Leader then join us and a community of the best and brightest I&O leaders from across every industry, all driven by a common purpose.

IOCS is the place to find objective answers and topic coverage in addition to top trends analysis. Gain the insights and guidance to create an effective pathway to the future.




2022 see’s several new additions designed to help our attendees’ with their mission critical priorities they are facing here and now.

Optimizing costs while delivering value is a consistent challenge for our attendees and with the current economic uncertainty and threat of global recession it’s more fundamental to manage I&O effectively than ever. Our content delivers actionable insights into not only managing this situation but steering into it to grow stronger. In Las Vegas a full track is dedicated to this critical topic and a spotlight track in London

You can hear more on optimizing costs & value from Gartner VP Analyst Marco Meinardi

I&O security is a vital component of an effective I&O infrastructure that supports operational resilience, security and compliance and for 2022 we are delighted to be able to provide more security content than ever before with a full track in Las Vegas and a spotlight track on the content in London

You can hear more on the importance of I&O Security from Gartner Director Analyst Deepti Gopal

We are offering more technical professional insights than ever before with deep dive sessions on topics such as cloud, platforms and automation. An expansive senior leadership program targets those most senior leaders offering them tailored content to their challenges. London sees the introduction of “Doing Big Things with Small Teams”, while dedicated sourcing, procurement and vendor management (SPVM) content has been added across both events providing attendees guidance and insights into the best vendor negotiation tactics and contracts.

Along with the above we have content focused on:

Disruptive trends, practices and technologies, cloud, platform engineering, operations, edge, skills, organization and leadership and much more including peer to peer networking opportunities, advice, demos and guidance from vendors and direct interactive sessions with Gartner experts.

You can hear more on Platform Engineering from Gartner Snr Director Analyst Hassan Ennaciri

You can also hear about the critical challenges facing I&O leaders today regarding skills, organization and leadership from Gartner Snr Director Analyst Duncan Prosser




There are Two Gartner keynotes on the agenda this year in both London and Las Vegas.

Day one keynote“I&O Forward – Leading the Next Phase of Growth” our experts will help attendees understand how to intertwine I&O through their organization, rethinking I&O as an innovator and orchestrator, rewriting its future and setting sights on a new horizon to empower the anywhere business

Day two keynote  – “Unhiding Diversity and Inclusion Beyond the Checkboxes that Drives Innovation and Talent Retention” focuses on diversity as a business innovation enabler versus a compliance necessity that successful organizations are leveraging as a competitive differentiator.

We are also delighted to have two External Keynote speakers across the events:

In London and Las Vegas we have: Maria Konnikova – Author, Psychologist, Poker Champion & Journalist.

Maria’s keynote “The Poker Game of Life: Using Poker to Enhance Thinking and Decision Making” – focuses on combining her personal experience as a champion poker player with her original research into the psychology of human decision-making to explore how we can all learn to make better decisions in every aspect of our lives – from the negotiating table to our personal relationships.

Read more here:

In Las Vegas we also have: Captain L. David Marquet, USN Ret – Former Submarine commander, Author of “Turn the Ship Around!”, and Creator of Intent-Based Leadership.

Read more here:

The events will also offer a series of case studies to learn from your peers and gain insights into their stories, successes and challenges.




Gartner IOCS in-person conferences are unique destination experiences designed for top leadership teams to connect face to face with Gartner experts, peers and a wide array of solution providers. Together, you’ll explore industry-shaping insight in an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie beyond the possibilities of a screen

You can also follow the events on social media via #GartnerIO on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Discover the future of I&O at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conferences 2022 – Don’t miss this opportunity to join us!


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