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Dan Blum
Research VP
19 years at Gartner
33 years IT industry

Dan Blum, a VP and distinguished analyst, covers security architecture, cloud-computing security, endpoint security, cybercrime/threat landscape, and other security technologies. Mr. Blum has written hundreds of research… Read Full Bio

Golden Quill Award (2011)

by Dan Blum  |  January 13, 2012

Last week Gartner SVP Peter Sondergaard announced I’d won Gartner’s Golden Quill Award (2011): “Dan Blum’s coverage of security topics is deep and engaging: he is a fount of knowledge. His readers are drawn in by a dry sense of humor and attention to detail that shines a light on the many dimensions of security […]

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Restricted Zones

by Dan Blum  |  December 28, 2011

“I’m sorry if I’m inconveniencing you and the teachers, but I will not allow a networked computer system to be placed on the ship while I’m in command,” said Commander Adama as I watched the first episode of 2004’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series. Immediately, I was hooked. You see, ever since Gartner’s internal email post […]

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Cyber-Conflict – A Suggestion

by Dan Blum  |  October 30, 2011

I feel that in the what hath we wrought? post I succumbed to the emotionalism around the cyberwar topic. This morning I was even thinking of changing the post to give it a more neutral bent, but I see Marcus Ranum commented on it, and if something draws his attention, it must be a good thing! Anyway, […]

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Cyberwar – What Hath we Wrought?

by Dan Blum  |  October 29, 2011

Rain falls outside an office window on a grey October morning, as if to usher in a moody Saturday with little to do. So my thoughts turn again to cyberwar. In an earlier post I wrote I was “fascinated with cyberwar”. As one might be fascinated with a dangerous animal… Yesterday three articles flew like […]

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Reviewing the First Cloud Security as a Service White Paper

by Dan Blum  |  October 7, 2011

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced in late September that the Security as a Service working group has published its first white paper, “Defined Categories of Service 2011”. The purpose of this group’s research is to identify consensus definitions of what Security as a Service means, to categorize the different types of Security as a […]

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Definition of Cyberwar: No Results Found

by Dan Blum  |  July 12, 2011

There is no definition of “cyberwar” but there’s plenty of colloquial use of the term. Especially lately. As multiple breaches and DDOS attacks struck the U.S. and Europe in the savage spring of 2011, I became fascinated with the concept of cyberwar, and then increasingly appalled. In the heat of those news moments I […]

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Google’s Dancing the Two Step

by Dan Blum  |  April 8, 2011

Recently having discovered Google’s 2 step verification feature, I found much to like, but a few concerns. What’s to like? I’ve been wondering for 10 years when it would become commonplace to use the ubiquitous mobile phone as a second factor authentication device. Now it’s here from Google, and it’s free. After signing up for […]

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Can You Afford an Enomaly?

by Dan Blum  |  February 21, 2011

This irresistible pun-and-metaphor popped into my head Sunday morning after my wife showed me the Economist’s Enomaly SpotCloud article, and it stuck, leaving no option but to succumb to writing what is for me an unusually short and chatty blog entry. For all the upcoming sarcasm or irony, I believe cloud brokerage has a shot […]

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When CIOs Need a Foreign Policy

by Dan Blum  |  February 16, 2011

The ongoing turmoil in Egypt encourages me to finally write this long-fermenting blog post. I’m recalling one of the exchanges from a very interesting dialogue with a company considering a three-tier U.S. hub, world region hubs, and country data center model. After brainstorming about hosting in Europe and Asia with me he asked, “Where do […]

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The Number of the Beast

by Dan Blum  |  January 24, 2011

It was the “Hey You, Get Off Of My Cloud: Denial of Service in the *aaS Era” title that got me out of bed in the morning for the cold commute to the conference in Crystal City. In the best BlackHat form, Bryan Sullivan’s presentation uncorked a lot of information about attacks on the Web […]

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