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Towards Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

by Dale Gardner  |  April 15, 2018

Once upon a time, development and operations groups had very different views of vulnerabilities, and what to do about them. As discrete teams, with the exception of handoffs when developers delivered the latest version of code to operations, there wasn’t always a great deal of interaction between the groups. From a security standpoint, developers ran […]

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SCA Continues To Move Into AST Platforms As CA Technologies Acquires SourceClear

by Dale Gardner  |  April 9, 2018

SourceClear, a developer of software composition analysis (SCA) tools, was acquired by CA Technologies, cementing a growing split in the market for such products. CA, which did not reveal terms of the transaction, announced in a blog post the SourceClear product would be integrated into the Veracode application security testing (AST) product. SourceClear was started […]

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