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Craig Roth
Research VP, Tech and Service Providers
7 years at Gartner
28 years IT industry

Craig Roth is a Research Vice President focused on cloud office suites, collaboration tools, content management, and how they are being impacted by digital workplace and digital business trends...Read Full Bio

Google G Suite: Staking Out Territory in the New Cloud Office Jungle

by Craig Roth  |  June 7, 2017

How do you take territory from an 800-pound gorilla? You don’t – you find a new habitat. This is what Google is trying to do with G Suite, which competes in the same ecosystem – the cloud office market – as Microsoft, the proverbial 800-pound gorilla of productivity. But Google has staked out an adjacent […]

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Remote Working: My Story

by Craig Roth  |  May 24, 2017

By now you’ve probably heard the news that IBM is canning its remote working policy and calling employees back into the office . I’m hoping this isn’t a trend since certain jobs, personalities, and life situations really thrive when workers don’t have to report into an office. And technologies keep improving to enable it. I […]

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Impact of AI, Robots, and Automation on Jobs: Tracking the “Hyperbole Cycle”

by Craig Roth  |  May 16, 2017

I’ve been noticing how articles about how AI, robots, or automation will impact the future job outlook all seem to reuse the same terms, like “disrupt”, “steal”, or “threaten”. The thesaurus has only so many terms to go around I suppose. I got to wondering which terms were most popular, and then how they’ve changed […]

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Digital Workplace Comes to Gartner’s TGI Conference

by Craig Roth  |  May 10, 2017

The digital workplace and “new ways of work” are a cornerstone of a digital business. But organizations need vendors to provide the right tools and service providers to help them find synergy between the new technological opportunities and the way they would like to work. I will be presenting on “Leverage Digital Workplace Trends to […]

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“Selling Robots and Automation to a Fearful Public” at Gartner’s TGI Conference

by Craig Roth  |  May 4, 2017

Automation has great potential to remove drudgery from jobs and increase productivity, but it also has an image problem. Vendors – even those that don’t directly sell automation – need to learn which types of features to provide and how to create messaging that emphasizes working with humans rather than against them. And service providers […]

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Your Robot 1040 Tax Form

by Craig Roth  |  April 24, 2017

You may have turned in your taxes, but have your robots turned in their Robot Tax Forms? If you are a robot, make sure you fill out your Form 10000010000 U.S. Individual Robot Income Tax Return. For convenience, I’ve provided a copy below. ___________________________________________________________________ FORM 10000010000: Robot Tax Return 2016 Name or designation: ____________ Serial […]

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Gartner Releases 2016 Content Services Market Share (formerly ECM): Now with EFSS!

by Craig Roth  |  April 20, 2017

Gartner has just released its software market share, worldwide for 2016. Many readers are interested in the winners and losers – who moved up or down the rankings. But after poking my head above ground after months holed up on the numbers, the first thing I’m interested to see is the market dynamics. How many […]

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G Suite at Google Cloud Next ’17

by Craig Roth  |  March 11, 2017

It’s an exciting time to be watching the productivity market. So many vendors are now pushing the digital workplace standard forward rather than just supporting how users currently work. A new vision of how workers can work is coalescing and it is enabling them to look past incremental feature improvements and think of new ways […]

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Automation Can Make Elusive “Productivity Improvements” A Reality

by Craig Roth  |  March 2, 2017

For years proponents of content and collaboration technology such as portals, content management, search, and office suites used “productivity improvements” as the reason to buy their products. Back in the portal heyday I used to have our researchers pull an annual list of articles about “portal ROI” and the numbers got more extreme every year. […]

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What Does “Robots First” Innovation Look Like?

by Craig Roth  |  February 14, 2017

What does the future of jobs look like? I found out unexpectedly this weekend when I took my kids to the Lego exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago. There is a contest where kids are broken into teams on a stage. A challenge is chosen from a set of cards […]

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