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Craig Roth
Research VP, Tech and Service Providers
7 years at Gartner
28 years IT industry

Craig Roth is a Research Vice President focused on cloud office suites, collaboration tools, content management, and how they are being impacted by digital workplace and digital business trends...Read Full Bio

Vendors Can’t Wait For Users to Ask for Attentional Experience Improvements

by Craig Roth  |  June 27, 2019

Ten years ago I compared information overload to the weather: everyone complains, but no one does anything about it. Well, I was wrong in one respect. Weather catastrophes have pushed climate change onto the center stage at many gatherings of global policy makers, but attempts to fix information overload don’t get any more attention. Sure, […]

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The Secret Lives of Productivity Applications

by Craig Roth  |  June 25, 2019

We think we know our productivity tools so well – email, powerpoint, excel. They’re so familiar to us. You email a few paragraphs to groups, create a slide presentation in Powerpoint, and calculate columns and rows of numbers in a spreadsheet. But all of these tools have secret lives. Or, at least secret to many […]

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Digital Dexterity Means Succeeding When Introducing New and Better Ways of Working

by Craig Roth  |  June 11, 2019

A digitally dexterous organization is one that can succeed when introducing new and better ways of working. In all this talk about digital dexterity and how to increase it, sometimes that purpose gets lost. As well as the importance. The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal had an article called “Automating Workplace Tasks Can Backfire if […]

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AI Ethicists: Moral Grounding or Public Relations Trick?

by Craig Roth  |  June 5, 2019

The Wall St. Journal wrote in a March 1, 2019 article that the “Need for AI Ethicists Becomes Clearer as Companies Admit Tech’s Flaws“. I’m all for ethics being applied to an uncharted technological domain that could have tremendous consequences. But what’s being described sounds more like “AI business risk mitigation” than “AI ethics” to […]

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Future of work

by Craig Roth  |  June 3, 2019

The “Future of Work” was a hot topic at our Digital Workplace Summit last week in sunny Orlando (sunny, hot Orlando). I spoke during the conference on “The Workplace of the Future” and Jeff Mann closed out the conference with it for Thursday’s keynote. And this time, instead of just talking I had a chance […]

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Portals Remembered: It Was a Dark and Stormy Market …

by Craig Roth  |  May 24, 2019

It was a dark and stormy market; the revenues rose to frothing peaks like the waves of a March nor’easter – only to crash down upon the shores of reality, where vendors consolidated like waves blending into a shimmering, watery shingle before fading into the moonlit sand. Sorry for that, but it’s easy to be […]

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What Should We Be Doing?

by Craig Roth  |  May 22, 2019

“What should we be doing?” is the simplest question for a vendor to ask me, but impossible to answer without knowing about that vendor’s goals. As an end user analyst I could assume the goals to be beating out the competitors on features and growing. The vendors were asking what the end users are complaining […]

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A Vision Statement for Vision Statements

by Craig Roth  |  May 8, 2019

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is dealing with vendors and service providers that are pushing the boundaries of how employees work. Sure, they have to invent products that provide better ways of collaborating, sharing information, discerning insights, and remaining productive while mobile. But success depends on more than whatever the […]

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The “Random User Interface”

by Craig Roth  |  March 11, 2019

This morning I logged into one of the productivity tools I use regularly and found that many of the controls have been moved around and a few options are now gone. This isn’t unusual anymore. As subscription models and cloud-delivered products have become more popular the rate of change has increased dramatically. Usually these frequent […]

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Survey Shows Employers and Workers Have Drastically Different Views on AI’s Impact on their Jobs

by Craig Roth  |  February 20, 2019

There are more AI surveys out there than you can shake a stick at, but most of them are of IT implementers or AI experts. Those offer valuable views of AI, but the workers’ views matter as well since (unless they are being replaced) they will have to train and learn to work with the […]

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