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Craig Roth
Research VP, Tech and Service Providers
7 years at Gartner
28 years IT industry

Craig Roth is a Research Vice President focused on cloud office suites, collaboration tools, content management, and how they are being impacted by digital workplace and digital business trends...Read Full Bio

Letter from Microsoft Ignite 2018

by Craig Roth  |  September 28, 2018

Microsoft Ignite just ended in Orlando. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “computing is not just about the technology industry, it’s about the entire world” and it felt like the entire world was invited – hallways and sessions were packed. Being a conference for IT pros there was a preponderance of bean bag chairs, ice cream, […]

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How Does AI Look from a Worker’s Point of View? Perspective Across 11 Industries

by Craig Roth  |  August 10, 2018

In which industries are workers the most and least concerned about AI’s impact on their job security? Or just how interesting it will make their job? Across industries, what percentage of their work do employees feel AI could do today and in the next 5 and 10 years? How do workers describe their daily jobs […]

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Webinar on Wednesday, August 8: To Avoid Working for Robots, Make Robots Work for You

by Craig Roth  |  August 6, 2018

Please join me on Wednesday (August 8, 2018) for a free webinar called “To Avoid Working for Robots, Make Robots Work for You”. A recent Gartner study showed that only 11% of workers in the U.S. and U.K. want an AI system to be their co-worker. Even fewer (9%) want it as their manager. What […]

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Letter from Google Next ’18

by Craig Roth  |  July 27, 2018

Google Next – Google’s cloud conference – took place in San Francisco this week. Production values were high, with lots of slick videos and a clever stage where speakers appeared from within rotating boxes (good for representing Containerization; not a great analogy for out-of-the-box thinking). But I was there to learn about G Suite, not […]

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AI Headline Hyperbole for 2018 So Far: “Destroy” Up 163%, “Kill” Up 58%

by Craig Roth  |  July 26, 2018

It’s time to check in again on the hyperbole tracker for AI headlines! Last year this analysis of headlines from an online database of new articles (Factiva, which is owned by Dow Jones) showed that 2017 was a year with a lot more talk about AI “transforming” jobs, although the verbs “threaten” and “steal” increased […]

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Surprise? “Work Anywhere” is Not So Appealing in Dense Countries

by Craig Roth  |  July 18, 2018

“Work anywhere”, as the term goes, is a core component of the new vision of work since it allows for more fluid teams, geographic expansion, improves employee choice, may increase workforce diversity (women and workers with disabilities), and reduces strain on public transport and roads. While all of those benefits have potential counter arguments, added […]

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Microsoft Nudges You Towards Productivity

by Craig Roth  |  July 17, 2018

Microsoft announced Workplace Analytics solutions and MyAnalytics nudges on Thursday to “put individuals and teams at the center of change.” Briefly, Workplace Analytics takes usage data from O365 to aggregate group stats and track the results of change management efforts. MyAnalytics (part of O365 Enterprise E5, an extra fee on some other plans) is more […]

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Can Digital Transformation Be Forced Onto Workers?

by Craig Roth  |  July 5, 2018

Let me begin by saying no business leader or technology provider has ever asked me this question. But I have recently been involved in two surveys related to digital transformation where the workers themselves – not the buyers or IT leaders – were surveyed and have received questions as to why I made this unusual […]

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Don’t Stick Your Head in the Sand About Worker Benefits of AI, Robotics, and Automation

by Craig Roth  |  June 25, 2018

In January of 2017 I introduced a scenario to posit the ways in which gains from automation may be spent to explore a hypothesis that the common knee-jerk reaction – that employees will get fired – only occurs if other options that are better for employees are not viable. Not for altruistic reasons, but because […]

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How Greedy Are Executives About Potential Gains from AI?

by Craig Roth  |  June 14, 2018

Last year I described the Ollie’s Ostrich Burger scenario which explores the ways in which the gains from technological automation in the most routine, manual processes can be spent. You can read the initial post here, but the summary of the scenario is as follows: Ollie’s Ostrich Burger has 10 (non-managerial) employees per restaurant. A […]

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