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First Tech User Behavior Profile Publishes: Content Services

By Craig Roth | February 09, 2023 | 0 Comments

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Many software vendors and service providers have wondered who the users of content management systems are within enterprises today?  Which roles and industries rely on them more?  And do most users live and die by their content services systems or are they just an application they have to delve into now and then?

For answers to these questions – and many more – clients can now view a Technology User Behavior Profile for Content Services users.  I’ve attached a thumbnail, but I know its hard to read so let me give you the overall storyline, which is intended for vendors and service providers.

  • Roughly a third of users are involved in feedback loops, which is about average for software applications. But there is room for improvement, both from IT asking for more feedback and from users being engaged enough to provide it.
  • Industry and role-specific GTM motions are better than generic GTM because we found the breadth of usage for content services differs significantly by industry and role. For example, in industries where frequent usage tends to be in pockets you’ll want to spend extra effort building content marketing for narrow groups.
  • Content services systems have a lot of users that just go in once a month – more than any other application type we surveyed. Design easier paths for them to get their work done, such as email forms. 
  • Align customer listening mechanisms to different types of users. The good news is that content services has more engaged users (“drivers”) than the average software product. So make sure to welcome them with open arms, providing blogs and videos about customization and getting the most from their systems.

For all the details please check out the new profile.

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