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Assess and Benchmark User Technology Adoption Readiness With Gartner’s UTA Readiness Index

By Craig Roth | August 25, 2022 | 0 Comments

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Business transformation requires worker transformation. Harnessing the power of digital technologies and digital customer experiences requires workers to change how they work and engage with the technologies that enable digital business. But most organizations lack a mechanism to assess the workforce’s appetite to embrace new, technology-driven ways of working.

This is why I led the development of two new resources that IT leaders can use to survey their employees on their attitudes and inclination toward new ways of work. An organization can administer this survey to their own employees to:

  • generate a baseline metric (to be revisited at regular intervals)
  • anticipate where their workforce is likely to encounter work friction, and
  • point out the best opportunities for change management that results in improved user technology adoption readiness.

You will find it most useful to gather this type of data is most useful before you embark on major technology rollouts. In fact, only 24% of workers have a high degree of readiness to adopt new, technologically driven ways of working according to our user behavior study. But even if you have just rolled out a major digital initiative, there’s no time like the present to get a snapshot of where worker attitudes toward adoption and their perceived barriers.

How to Get Started with the User Technology Adoption Readiness Index

Clients should start with Assess User Technology Adoption Readiness to Increase Digital Dexterity. This document introduces the four domains in our survey (technology, work, mobility, and collaboration). It then shows the index scores that resulted from administering the survey to about 5,000 workers from April through June 2020 in the U.S., France, Germany and Singapore. Seeing where countries, industries, and departments score high or low helps to provide an immediate benchmark for your own survey.

The 4 domains of the UTA Index

Next, download the accompanying Toolkit: How to Benchmark Your User Technology Adoption Readiness. This kit includes the Excel workbook with the employee survey questionnaire that can be administered to your workforce and a calculation model for the index scores.  The scoring spreadsheet is shown with sample data below.

Use a spreadsheet to calculate the UTA index score

The Toolkit also includes a presentation deck describing how to implement the process. I have put my standard advice into this deck, although I would recommend setting up an inquiry through our client services team before starting out so that we can talk about your specific situation. There may be some additional tips or related efforts that can be introduced. When you get the survey responses back we can help interpret your results and talk about next steps.

These materials are available for immediate use at the links given above (client only access). I hope this new methodology helps organizations increase their success rate with worker-driven digital transformation.


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