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User Technology Adoption Readiness Index is Now Available

By Craig Roth | January 06, 2022 | 0 Comments

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Are you a technology provider whose success depends on the ability and desire of users to fully engage with their new technologies in order to succeed? Then you’ll want to check out our new index that can help you fine tune your growth estimates, target markets, and customer success strategies. The User Technology Adoption (UTA) Readiness Index, which just published today (link for clients here), was conducted online mid-2021, among nearly 5,000 technology users in the U.S., France, Germany and Singapore. 

My research on user adoption over the past five years has consistently found that organizations are not all starting from the same place in the race to adopt new ways of working. And, more importantly, this variance is not entirely due to unique internal factors. If you tell me the industry and country of a prospect, the UTA Readiness Index scores will give you a rough starting estimate of whether the users in that company are likely to embrace your clever new product.  

In fact, industry had the highest variance, meaning it’s a good place to start if you are trying to narrow your targets to increase the quality of your leads. Company size and age were not as useful at finding the potential targets with the highest readiness to adopt new ways of working. You can see a high level summary of the findings below.  

For example, our research indicates users that welcome and are ready to engage with new technology are:

  • More commonly found in the United States or Germany than in France or Singapore
  • More commonly found in Marketing or HR than in Sales
  • More commonly found in Global enterprises than in Midsized ones
  • More commonly found in Telecommunications and Financial Services firms than in Healthcare and Government

Our research drilled into each factor using four elements that show where solutions requiring employees amenable to digital transformation are more likely to flourish. Those four elements are further divided into two on users’ desires and two on ability to determine whether low scores were due to worker ambivalence or factors outside their control.

Those who have followed our groundbreaking research on technology buying behavior will be aware of our Enterprise Technology Adoption (ETA) Profiles. The UTA provides a bottom-up, user-focused view of adoption to complement the ETA’s top-down, enterprise-focused view.  We found a clear correlation between certain types of enterprise characteristics (especially whether technology planning is IT-led) and the adoption behavior of users.

With the UTA Readiness Index, product leaders can:

  • Develop a strategy to find buyers that can easily recognize the value of your solution and are ready for digital transformation.
  • Aggressively match transformative solutions with workers in industries that are ready to transform, and then allot significant resources to carefully triaging leads.
  • Tune their land-and-expand approach to tweak each regional go-to-market (GTM) to match variances in adoption behaviors driven by differences in country culture.

If this research sounds useful, please set up a call and I’d be happy to delve into the details relevant to your offering and target market. 

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