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Convergence of Business and Productivity Applications is “On the Radar”

By Craig Roth | October 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Back in April I blogged about whether Collaboration Software and Packaged Business Applications Will Ever Meet.  Since then I have had several more vendors on either the collaboration or packaged business applications side poking around the idea of seamless integration with the other side. This catalyzation of the two sides of applications has been simmering for ages now, but I can sense it is heating up.

I’m happy to announce this convergence is literally “on the radar” of those watching emerging trends and technologies.  It has just entered the newly updated Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar for Enterprise Software (full report for Gartner clients). 

You can see it just entered from the lower right where it is currently long range (6-8 years out) and high mass. High mass means that it would have high impact on existing product categories if it comes to fruition. 

You can read more about the full report on the blog of the main author, John Kostoulas, here. If you are a client that is interested in this convergence, either from a product or services perspective, please set up a call to chat with me or Dennis Gaughan about this trend. I want to follow this one to see if it starts to boil or reverts back to a low simmer.

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