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Craig Roth
Research VP, Tech and Service Providers
7 years at Gartner
28 years IT industry

Craig Roth is a Research Vice President focused on cloud office suites, collaboration tools, content management, and how they are being impacted by digital workplace and digital business trends...Read Full Bio

AI: A Short Fiction Scenario

by Craig Roth  |  April 13, 2018

I enjoy writing research for Gartner, but it doesn’t let me indulge my literary side too often. Until now. I was recently part of a scenario-building effort around Future of Work Scenarios 2035, the documents of which have just been published. The main document “How Will Leaders Manage in a Majority-Bot Workforce World?” describes the […]

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Enterprise Collaboration: Still Wandering in the Desert

by Craig Roth  |  February 15, 2018

Information workers may sit in a sea of fuzzy cubes, spread across windowless floors lit by fluorescent lights, but when it comes time to collaborate they are often wandering the desert looking for a home. Every day in businesses across the world there are as many chances to collaborate as grains of sand, but too […]

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When Does Usage Not Translate to Value?

by Craig Roth  |  February 5, 2018

I’ve talked to many clients about how to increase usage of collaboration and content tools and I always clarify upfront whether they want to drive usage or value. Those two things are very different. And the term “adoption” is usually a synonym for “usage” in these conversations. Most of my time on this topic has […]

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Three Trends Around Content Services Platforms

by Craig Roth  |  February 1, 2018

The content management market has been around at least 20 years now, but continues to surprise. Rather than settle into comfortable maturity it continues to respond to changes in buyer demands. My market snapshot on the content services market (published today here) describes the primary dynamics I’ve seen. The illustrative figures are based on the […]

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Don’t Wait for Davos to Save Us From AI and Automation

by Craig Roth  |  January 24, 2018

As the policy leaders of the world gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland to ponder world progress (including Gartner’s very own Peter Sondergaard), there will be talk of AI and automation interspersed with presentations on the Digital Economy and In Technology We Trust?. Google chief exec Sundar Pichai will talk about AI. Erik Brynjolfsson will talk about How […]

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Finding a Place in a “Third Place”

by Craig Roth  |  January 19, 2018

According to the World Economic Forum’s report The Future of Jobs “44% of global business and HR executives identify changing work environments and flexible working arrangements as the biggest demographic and socioeconomic driver of change across industries.” What this means in less technical terms it that it’s getting a lot tougher to find an open table in a coffeeshop.  […]

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Office 365 Survey Results are In!

by Craig Roth  |  January 9, 2018

Every 18 months or so we like to survey our Research Circle (a Gartner-managed panel comprising IT or IT-business professionals) about the state of Office 365.  It’s not a broad market survey, but lets us take the pulse of users and ask some open-ended questions about what’s working and what isn’t. For those of us […]

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Are Digital Distractions Harming Labour Productivity? Maybe Not As Much As You Think

by Craig Roth  |  January 8, 2018

An article in The Economist on “Are digital distractions harming labour productivity?” contains some fallacies that should be considered when mounting the digital distraction high horse. It’s been a while since I mounted my own “information overload realist” high horse, but I still have some of the saddle sores. I rode this horse quite a […]

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The Unique Fundamentals of: Collaboration, Content, and Digital Workplace

by Craig Roth  |  January 3, 2018

What are the unique fundamentals of the collaboration, content, and digital workplace space that make it unique?  I don’t mean what the current trends are – we write a lot about that.  What are the core “prime movers” of the space that have shaped it since the beginning and will continue to shape it going forward?  Over […]

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A Tech Movie Review (3.5 stars)

by Craig Roth  |  December 20, 2017

Welcome to my Tech Movie Review of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, a film about how the world would look without AI and automation.  Spoiler alert: it leads to a lot of bad behavior trying to expand and enslave more workers to do the dirty work. Readers of my (tongue in cheek) Tech Reviews may recall that […]

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