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Understanding the jargon of content operations technology

By Colin Reid | April 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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As COVID-19 throws everyone into turmoil, marketers and brands are looking to accelerate the delivery of meaningful communications to their customers, suppliers and employees.

An effectively implemented content operations ecosystem, even a nascent version, can empower organizations to personalize the right message. But the list of names and definitions of technologies that support content operations is a confusing and unhelpful morass of jargon.

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Can you differentiate between Digital Asset Management, Work Management, Media Asset Management, Content Marketing Platforms, Content Management Platforms, Brand Asset Management & Product Information Management systems?

How can you work out what each one does, how they work together or overlap and then how do you even begin to understand what you need?

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The continuing change in global economic conditions is driving organizations to look at cost optimization. In a March 2020 Gartner survey more than 75% of marketing leaders said they expected to see a moderate or significant decrease in their 2020 marketing budgets as a result of COVID-19.  

As marketers look to reduce costs, and increase the effectiveness of their communications, they must become efficient. Efficiency drives can be realized in a number of ways, but they always start with establishing baselines of existing capability.

For organizations looking to drive efficiency and effectiveness in the development, delivery and impact of their content there are a number of new Gartner resources available:

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