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Changing times require you to change the message. Here’s how to deliver that with no one in the office

By Colin Reid | March 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Over the weekend as I watched an advertisement for an Irish brewery promote the importance of following government social distancing guidelines. It was immediately followed by an ad for an airline advertising its branded credit card to get extra rewards for traveling and dining out.

In these turbulent and challenging times organizations are under unprecedented stress. Priorities are changing hourly and marketers must step forward and attune their message to the situation or be seen as tone deaf and insensitive.

In an environment where teams have been forcibly disbursed, marketing leaders must set up marketing technology to dynamically generate new content and efficient distribute and communicate this at scale. This content generation ecosystem has traditionally been focused on B2B and B2C but in such times it can also be used to generate and accelerate much need communication to employees, contractors, distributors and other critical communities.

Many organizations already have the components to deliver this capability within their marketing technology stack today. With some tweaks it can be possible to set up an agile content production engine to adapt your messaging to these times without taking on significant investment or outlay. As budgets are frozen and we all continue through uncharted waters here are resources to help you.

If you want to see how to adapt your content operations with the technology you have to hand, reach out. We are here to help.


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