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Keys to Generate Demand for New Products

By Christy Uher Ferguson | January 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

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As new products are launched, product marketing leaders are accountable for generating demand in the market. Often times, due to the intense nature of product development the demand generation program can become a late stage initiative. In the haste to provide marketing support in time for the launch and to appease internal leadership, demand generation programs tend to be delivered on a single, specific day, leveraging limited content and channels. However, generating demand for new products is not a “one and done” effort, a comprehensive ongoing campaign plan that leverages multiple content types in a balanced channel approach is necessary for success.

New product launch

Gartner research shows that technology buyers value multiple content types and channels across the buying cycle, requiring
expansion of product launch marketing activities. This requires product marketing leaders to utilize thought leadership AND product marketing content across the buying cycle by defining a multi-channel campaign approach to generate interest and drive demand. When developing marketing strategy for new product launches, the audience segment, the stage in the buying cycle and the marketing channel  should be considered at each phase.  For example, thought leadership content at the earliest stage of the buying cycle may be in the form of a third party whitepaper or webinar promoted via advertising or influencer social media.  Once engaged in the buying cycle, technology buyers tell Gartner that demonstrations, case studies and value assessment tools are most valuable and your website and hosted seminars attract their attention.

A multi-content, balanced channel approach is just one of the keys to successfully launching demand generation efforts for new product launches.  There are other key factors required, such as launching the product internally in advance of the market launch, and starting with a pilot program that enables campaign optimization. Each of these areas are covered in this new research (clients only).

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