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DevOps June 2019

By Christopher Little | June 19, 2019 | 0 Comments


Some of this blog post was originally scheduled for late last year but didn’t publish.  I’ve taken that content and added to it — I think you’ll find it all relevant.

The first note up is on a topic that has long been a topic of client inquiries: the relationship between DevOps and mainframes.  This is a fairly frequent discussion topic, often a point of deliberation with our large enterprise clients. In Extend DevOps Across the Enterprise by Developing on the Mainframe, Thomas Klinect addresses: “The availability of DevOps toolchains on mainframes can help the platform keep pace with modern agile environments, but I&O leaders face obstacles to their use, from culture to process to integration. This research explains how to add the mainframe to your DevOps strategy.”

Another note of interest is around ensuring your teams are aligned correctly: Adapt Your Application Architecture Practices to Work Better With DevOps Teams — “By aligning your application architecture team’s working practices with those of your DevOps teams, you can ensure the success of your DevOps initiative and overcome resistance to architecture requirements.”

Directly pertinent research note related to this topic is “Balance Velocity and Risk by Having DevOps Teams Earn Leaner ProcessesIt covers “Adoption of DevOps creates a conflict between DevOps teams trying to increase the rate of value delivery and governance policies designed to manage risk. I&O leaders should define a set of leaner change control processes and build a path for teams to earn the right to use them.” This note comes in conjunction with a very handy toolkit “Toolkit: Assessing DevOps team continuous delivery risk

I continue to strongly recommend the “How to Navigate Your DevOps Journey” and the overview DevOps Primer for 2019, also. Both are great overview notes.

Till next post – chris

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