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DevOps Research to Date

by Christopher Little  |  March 6, 2019  |  Submit a Comment

I thought folks might find this handy: it’s an assembled list of the current research in the DevOps agenda to date.

All entries (should) have link to the respective research (only client seat holders will have access to the research write-up).

How DevOps Can Deliver Continual Customer Value Faster 3/8/2019
DevOps initiatives drive innovations that increase business value; however, such initiatives often focus solely on internal IT processes. I&O leaders involved in application development need to link internal DevOps activities to innovation narratives that stress faster delivery of customer value.
Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain 2/6/2019 Open-source tools are critical to building the DevOps toolchain. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps must build technical and people skills, implement governance policies, determine the need for commercial support, and integrate open-source tools with the rest of the toolchain.
DevOps Primer for 2019 2/5/2019 DevOps is the results-oriented mindset that addresses IT complexity with agility, collaboration and automation. Gartner’s 2019 research covers the culture, organization and practices, and technology that will enable organizations to scale their DevOps operations and product development.
DevOps Success Requires Shift-Right Testing in Production 1/15/2019 Adopting DevOps increases the cadence of application releases to production. To keep up with the need to deliver business value with increasing speed while continuously meeting users’ expectations, I&O leaders embarking on DevOps must adopt shift-right testing practices.
Extend DevOps Across the Enterprise by Embracing Open-Source Toolchains for the Mainframe 1/10/2019 The availability of DevOps toolchains on mainframes can help the platform keep pace with modern agile environments, but infrastructure and operations leaders face obstacles to their use, from culture to process to integration. This research explains how to add the mainframe to your DevOps strategy.
Adapt Your Application Architecture Practices to Work Better With DevOps Teams 12/27/2018 Application leaders struggle to get DevOps teams to accept application architecture guidance because DevOps methodologies conflict with application architecture methodologies. Adapting the working practices of application architecture to align with DevOps practices eases that conflict.
Balance Velocity and Risk by Having DevOps Teams Earn Leaner Processes 10/30/2018 Adoption of DevOps creates a conflict between DevOps teams trying to increase the rate of value delivery and governance policies designed to manage risk. I&O leaders should define a set of leaner change control processes and build a path for teams to earn the right to use them.
Toolkit: Risk Assessment of Continuous Deployment by DevOps Teams 10/30/2018 DevOps product teams are being pushed to continuously deploy code directly into production, which can generate significant risk of problems also reaching production. IT leaders should use this Toolkit to assess the risk profile of their teams, and allow mature teams to use a leaner, faster process.
Use Work Metrics to Identify Improvement Opportunities With DevOps Teams 10/23/2018 Agile development demands throughput that is not supported by traditional I&O staff skills, technology and processes. I&O leaders must optimize the way they work to enable the acceleration demanded by agile and DevOps.
When Dev Goes Agile, Optimize Operations’ Testing Capabilities With Automation 10/23/2018  Agile development demands throughput that is not supported by traditional I&O staff skills, technology and processes. I&O leaders must optimize the way they work to enable the acceleration demanded by agile and DevOps.
How to Navigate Your DevOps Journey 10/22/2018 I&O leaders embarking on DevOps initiatives often struggle to determine where to start, what to do and how to approach their DevOps journeys. This research addresses these challenges by providing experience-based knowledge to fill knowledge and execution gaps.
Best Networking Practices in a DevOps World 9/25/2018 In theory, DevOps accounts for all aspects of infrastructure, but in practice, networking has remained largely disconnected from DevOps initiatives. This research identifies how I&O DevOps leaders can better integrate enterprise networking into DevOps initiatives.
Critical Capabilities for Application Release Orchestration 9/10/2018 ARO tools are required by infrastructure and operations leaders to connect and scale continuous integration/continuous delivery investments, modernize release management and improve agility across cultures, activities and technology. This research evaluates how ARO vendor solutions meet these needs.
Magic Quadrant for Application Release Orchestration 9/10/2018 Infrastructure and operations leaders who need to connect to and scale continuous integration/continuous delivery investments, modernize release management, and improve agility across a mix of cultures, activities and technology are discovering an ARO market that’s evolving to meet their needs.
DevOps-Ready Release Management Requires Orchestration, Not Just Automation 8/23/2018 The proliferation of DevOps product teams and growing toolchain complexity are transforming application release activities. To maximize value from this momentum, I&O leaders’ focus must shift from task automation to release activity orchestration — automated arrangement, coordination and management.
Top SRE Practices Needed by Teams Scaling DevOps


8/15/2018 Google developed Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to scale its services, pioneering practices that DevOps teams can leverage when scaling their own efforts. This research reveals the top SRE practices that I&O leaders can adopt to enable DevOps teams to scale their services.
Improve Agility, Speed and Predictability With 4 Essential DevOps Toolchain Performance Metrics 8/13/2018 The goal of many DevOps initiatives is to provide new code in production as quickly as the business needs it. I&O leaders should use essential metrics to understand and improve I&O performance of their DevOps toolchains.
First When Dev Goes Agile, Operationalize Dev With 3 Key DevOps Activities 8/1/2018 Traditional skills and practices in infrastructure and operations will throttle agile application development release cadence. I&O leaders must act to increase communications and automation to move from a risk-averse culture of constraints to business enablement.
Hype Cycle for DevOps, 2018 7/24/2018 DevOps initiatives include a range of technologies and methodologies spanning the software delivery process. I&O leaders must recognize the readiness and abilities of DevOps technologies to ensure that their DevOps initiatives accelerate time to value.
Life After Scrum: Development Methodologies for DevOps 7/5/2018 As DevOps organizations mature their continuous delivery capability, the ceremonies, roles, and fixed iterations of Scrum become constraints. To avoid becoming the bottleneck in the software development value stream, application leaders must ensure that their development methodologies keep evolving.
Top 5 Causes of DevOps Failure and How to Avoid Them 6/22/2018 Any early failure of DevOps efforts will make additional organizational changes that DevOps requires even more difficult and unlikely. This research helps I&O leaders recognize the most common causes of DevOps failures and offers guidance on how to avoid these pitfalls.
Adopt a Performance Engineering Approach for DevOps 297955 6/18/2018 Application leaders must reduce technical debt and mitigate application performance risks. They should adopt a combined “shift left” and “shift right” performance engineering approach to build a highly productive software development organization.
Three Essential DevOps Actions to Perform When Dev Groups Go Agile 6/1/2018 Agile development demands throughput not supported by I&O processes, teams and services. I&O leaders must focus on getting excellent communication, and then automation practices for testing and releasing software, to maintain pace with agile groups and avoid trouble.
Elevating Test Data Management for DevOps 5/3/2018 Improper test data management is a common constraint to DevOps success as it reduces efficiency and increases security risks. Application leaders responsible for enabling bimodal enterprises with DevOps should automate the production of safe, comprehensive test data.
Cool Vendors in DevOps, First Wave 4/18/2018 Cool vendors embrace the disruptive and cutting edge of DevOps tools beyond the early roots of configuration and into the broader DevOps toolchain. I&O leaders must know new technologies and opportunities emerge constantly to increase velocity, raise quality, and improve auditability and compliance.
Improve Operational Agility With These Top Five Methods 4/18/2018 I&O leaders face constant pressure to increase their organizations’ ability to respond rapidly to changing digital business demands. This research explains five methods that can help I&O leaders optimize workflows to improve operational agility and meet the evolving needs of the digital business.
Use a Bimodal Approach to Improve the Selection of DevOps Continuous Configuration Automation Tools 4/3/2018 As DevOps adoption grows in an organization, the complexity of managing multiple product toolchains can lead to friction and confusion. I&O leaders should apply the key traits of bimodal toolchains to improve the performance of their DevOps initiatives.
Top SRE Practices Needed by Teams Scaling DevOps 3/27/2018 Incident management supporting DevOps practices differs from traditional ITIL-based approaches in both form and function. I&O leaders must follow these fundamental practices to transform incident-management practices and enable activities that product teams require.
How to Find, Develop and Manage Transformative DevOps Leaders 3/8/2018 DevOps initiatives are transformative because they require people to work in fundamentally new and different ways. I&O leaders must identify transformative leaders to head up DevOps efforts, develop their abilities and apply a management approach that will position these leaders for success.
5 More Steps to Deliver an Agile I&O Culture 343458 1/31/2018 Digital business requires an agile I&O culture, but established I&O teams are reluctant to change long-standing behaviors that have led to success in the past. To enable digital transformation, I&O leaders must take these five steps to help their teams demonstrate agile values and behaviors.
Cloud Computing Can Power Your DevOps Initiatives 1/31/2018 Cloud computing is a quick start to successful DevOps initiatives, particularly by providing immediate developer support through infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Yet I&O leaders need to maintain a balanced long-term view.
Transform Application Software Incident Management Practices to Support Product Teams 1/30/2018 I&O leaders must rationalize bimodal automation requirements when they select and operate configuration management tools. DevOps initiatives will drive unique configuration needs that must be part of the tool selection process.
The First Step in Delivering an Agile I&O Culture Is Knowing Your Target State 1/29/2018 Many organizations want to use DevOps practices to deliver agile IT service management capabilities; however, this will require difficult cultural transformations. To lead such changes, which will encourage DevOps success, I&O leaders must define the values and behaviors their teams should practice.
Optimize Your DevOps Toolchain to Scale and Accelerate Mobile App Development 1/24/2018 DevOps has become essential for digital business, but DevOps for mobile app development requires additional tools and different approaches. Application leaders responsible for DevOps can adopt these best practices for mobile apps to drive greater business value.
Optimize Preproduction Environments for DevOps 1/18/2018 As organizations adopt DevOps, it is important to support automated provisioning of preproduction environments and reduce the need to repeat tests because an environment “doesn’t match production.” This research is for application leaders shifting to DevOps practices to improve release velocity.
Market Guide for Continuous Configuration Automation Tools 1/8/2018 Continuous configuration automation tools are foundational to DevOps initiatives and can improve IT operational configuration management. Infrastructure and operations leaders must understand the vendor landscape and tool requirements in order to make the right tool selection.
Three Approaches to Building an Effective DevOps Product Release Capability 12/27/2017 Increasing adoption of agile software development creates an imperative for new organizational alignments between development and operations. I&O leaders must use new approaches to bridge the gap between product development and platform operations to support continuous delivery.
Use the Right Configuration Management Tools to Support DevOps, Cloud and Containers 12/19/2017 Organizations are using DevOps to improve agility, but many have trouble measuring the value of DevOps teams. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps initiatives can use this research to make sense of internal and outsourced DevOps team activity and identify potential improvement opportunities.
How to Avoid Compliance and Audit Concerns When Using DevOps 11/17/2017 Organizations are using DevOps-oriented approaches to accelerate mean time to value; however, this approach can raise concerns about risk management. I&O leaders can mitigate regulatory and compliance challenges and avoid unnecessary delays when using DevOps by following five Gartner best practices.
Use Key Traits of Bimodal Toolchains for Successful DevOps Initiatives 11/14/2017 The flexibility of cloud and container services promises nimbleness and speed to a DevOps practice, yet poor configuration management can thwart progress toward these goals. I&O leaders must set appropriate scope for configuration management processes and tools to effectively support DevOps.
Choosing the Right Tools for Your DevOps Toolchains 11/9/2017 I&O leaders find it difficult to identify the right tools to create scalable DevOps toolchains. Therefore, I&O leaders responsible for DevOps should choose tools by mapping their capabilities to DevOps deployment pipeline needs with on-the-move to continuous delivery.
Orchestrate Your DevOps Toolchain 11/8/2017 Integrating a variety of different tools together in a DevOps process is time-consuming and difficult. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps within the bimodal enterprise should use DevOps toolchain orchestration to meet speed and efficiency expectations.
Avoid Failure by Developing a Toolchain That Enables DevOps 10/11/2017 DevOps automation can be a complex and arduous task as de facto toolchains emerge from myriad noncollaborative tools used to deliver applications in faster and more agile ways. I&O leaders for DevOps initiatives should use this research for a top-down view to design and implement toolchains.
DevOps — Eight Simple Steps to Get It Right 10/9/2017 DevOps can deliver compelling business advantages, but many organizations struggle to start, or restart, an initiative due to uncertainty about how to approach the transformation. This research discusses eight foundational steps that I&O leaders must take to establish a successful DevOps initiative.
How to Establish an I&O Change Management Process That Supports Agile Development and DevOps 4/17/2017 Success in DevOps requires an agile approach to IT change management; however, traditional risk-based approaches are a constraint and there is considerable ambiguity. I&O leaders need to develop an ITCM process that balances speed and risk with the needs of customers.
DevOps Is the Bimodal Bridge 4/13/2017 I&O leaders looking to support a bimodal IT strategy often struggle with where to start and then scale Mode 2, as well as how to spark innovation for the continual improvement of both modes. When properly pursued, DevOps can enable Mode 2 capabilities, while sharing knowledge and bridging the modes.

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