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DevOps Mar 2019

By Christopher Little | March 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

March brings us some new research which I’ve been anticipating for awhile. NB: Not all of the notes below are published as of this blog post.

The first one I’d like to introduce is about bringing DevOps understanding to the c-suite through a planned innovation narrative from IT. This research proposes new DevOps initiatives to focus tightly on delivering new customer value by IT (defined as both Application Development leaders and Infrastructure & Operations leaders).  This note has been a long-time coming.

It provides immediate, actionable guidance that will be useful in both adopting a DevOps mentality and energizing the c-suite and the whole organization around innovative IT. I strongly recommend you take advantage of this note in your organization today.

How DevOps Can Deliver Continual Customer Value Faster

DevOps initiatives drive innovation for greater realization of business value, yet these initiatives are often focused exclusively on internal IT processes. I&O and App Dev leaders need to link internal DevOps activities to an innovation narrative emphasizing faster delivery of customer value.

Toolchains continue to be an active inquiry topic and field of research here at Gartner. I don’t expect that to diminish anytime soon, particularly as we see more levels of sophistication (and encapsulation) in both AppDev and Release tooling. Last year we changed the market name from “application release automation” to “application release orchestration” around this very fact.  So, new research that arrived recently should be of great interest to the many clients who inquire about using OSS in their toolchains (and in some cases, it’s almost impossible to not have some somewhere in the process).

Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain

 Open-source tools are critical to building the DevOps toolchain. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps must build technical and people skills, implement governance policies, determine the need for commercial support, and integrate open-source tools with the rest of the toolchain.
Another note that should be of great interest to our SME clients, particularly those who feel constrained by their size or their budgets or their staffing ability. This note provides actionable guidance and direction to help.

DevOps for Mid Size Enterprises

 Midsize enterprises seeking to launch a DevOps initiative face challenges that present less of a burden to their larger counterparts. This research offers advice that can help I&O leaders in midsize enterprises to launch and derive value from DevOps in their organization.

So here’s to the beginning of March. BTW I will be posting a blog entry with all of the notes from this agenda for the last current period (i.e., those that haven’t archived) soon.

Hope it helps folks!

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