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DevOps Feb 2019

By Christopher Little | February 07, 2019 | 0 Comments

February is a great month for research.  The 2019 Primer for DevOps is out now and I recommend it as an overview for the year.  (And I have decided the debate, for myself at least, whether it’s Prime-err or Prim-er that it is Prim-er. Prime-err is what you use for a base coat when painting.)  Link is here:

DevOps Primer for 2019

DevOps is the results-oriented mindset that addresses IT complexity with agility, collaboration and automation. Gartner’s 2019 research covers the culture, organization and practices, and technology that will enable organizations to scale their DevOps operations and product development


A much awaited  note on DevOps on the mainframe came out and you can find it here:

Extend DevOps Across the Enterprise by Embracing Open-Source Toolchains for the Mainframe

The availability of DevOps toolchains on mainframes can help the platform keep pace with modern agile environments, but infrastructure and operations leaders face obstacles to their use, from…

Open source software and its uses have always been an integral feature of the DevOps landscape. We explore some of that terrain with this latest note:

Four Steps to Adopt Open-Source Software as Part of the DevOps Toolchain

Open-source tools are critical to building the DevOps toolchain. I&O leaders responsible for DevOps must build technical and people skills, implement governance policies, determine the need for commercial support, and integrate open-source tools with the rest of the toolchain.

And a great hot new note (getting lots of readers). This reminds me of the Charity Majors saying “I test in production … and so do you.” It reflects the fact that production is in fact in many respects a test situation….

DevOps Success Requires Shift-Right Testing in Production

There are many potential methods to test in production, some of which…

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