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October 2018 – DevOps Research

By Christopher Little | October 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

October brings some great new research into the DevOps Agenda!

I’m starting with this new note listed below. This one I think will end up being an important reference note for clients both new and old. It evaluates existing DevOps research notes by three categories: culture, practice, and technology. It is intended to be a curated overview of the existing best practice research available to Gartner clients by area of inquiry topic and by most requested topics. It’s a guided tour if you’re just coming to the DevOps agenda (or if you’d like a refresher).

How to Navigate Your DevOps Journey:  I&O leaders are often perplexed when first encountering their DevOps initiative, depending on how and where it arose. These processes and guidelines will provide the needed insight.


These are a collection of notes around this essential topic of “what to do when Dev goes Agile?”  I&O is often forced to adopt DevOps practices when a Dev group starts an Agile initiative. This research explains what to expect, what to do and why. This next note is a continuation of the series that launched with our research note Three Essential DevOps Actions to Perform When Dev Groups Go Agile.  We continue the research this month with a note that explores in detail the second recommendation:

Use Resiliency to Drive Quality Improvements for DevOps When Dev Goes Agile:  Traditional I&O thinking and practices for testing services will throttle agile application development release cadence.  I&O leaders must act to convert a static or manual test capacity to continuous quality enablement.

And great research into the network participation from Andrew Learner:

Best Networking Practices in a DevOps World: In theory, DevOps accounts for all aspects of infrastructure, but in practice, networking has remained largely disconnected from DevOps initiatives. This research identifies how I&O DevOps leaders can better integrate enterprise networking into DevOps initiatives

And let’s not forget our fine Peer & Practitioner (P&P née CEB) research, now publishing an ignition guide around the DevOps agenda:

Ignition Guide to Creating and Communicating a DevOps Strategy: Most I&O leaders agree DevOps can improve speed to market and deliver business value faster, but are unclear how to implement the required people, process and technology changes. This research explains how to create and communicate a DevOps strategy to meet your business and IT priorities.

Some good research to read up on!

(P.S. Not all of these notes have been published as of the release date of this blog post but will available in October.)

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