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July 2018 – DevOps Research

By Christopher Little | July 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

DevOps came into existence as a term about 9 years ago (the option considered at the time was “agile infrastructure” which doesn’t have nearly the same ring to it) while the subsequent Wikipedia entry for DevOps turned just 8 years old last May.   DevOps has since swept the world of IT with its focus on collaboration, automation, culture, and more.  It’s an amazing movement.

Welcome to the DevOps blog where I will be discussing DevOps and the DevOps Agenda at Gartner.

For clients, this blog may provide a handy summary of current notes, upcoming notes, and trending insights. For folks considering joining the Gartner client family, you will get highlights of what would be available to you (unfortunately, for non-clients, the links mostly go to a paywall, except where noted).


Highlights of Summer Research:

What to do when Dev Goes Agile…

This first one provides immediate and actionable advice to I&O leaders when they learn of any Dev group adopting Agile Methodology. It provides the immediate actions they need to take to adapt:  Three Essential DevOps Actions to Perform When Dev Groups Go Agile.  (A summary display for non-subscribers is available here.)

How DevOps Initiatives can fail…

This recent note provides insight into DevOps initiatives failures (yes, failures exist and we suspect there will be more), what to do about them, how to avoid them, and understanding how it can happen:  Top 5 Causes of DevOps Failure and How to Avoid Them

and last, but certainly not least: 2018 ARA Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities update

the ARA Magic Quadrant and Critical Capabilities documents will be publishing in about a month or so. An incredible amount of work goes into these to make them the industry leading research they are. One slight change folks may be interested to see: we’re moving naming from Application Release Automation (ARA) to Application Release Orchestration (ARO). The automation is being subsumed with the orchestration. More to come!

We have a lot more research coming out — it will help you out to stay informed if you subscribe to the DevOps Agenda email notifications.


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