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Chris Fletcher
Research Director
4 years at Gartner
30+ years IT industry

Chris Fletcher brings more than 30 years of industry experience to his role as research director at Gartner. He has worked in both the analyst and vendor sides of the IT industry in CRM, e-commerce and enterprise applications. He is part of Gartner's CRM and E-Commerce research team and publishes research on CRM and e-commerce segments, including lead management, B2B and B2B2C e-commerce ...Read Full Bio

Fickle Friends and Short Memories: Oh, the Tech World

by Chris Fletcher  |  April 10, 2012

The buzz this week is Instagram’s $1 Billion valuation by Facebook, which is of course valued in the … well, uber-billions, I guess. And all on the fairly simple premise that people are using these services, and will continue to use them, which then provides a basis for advertising, which then provides the revenue, which […]

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A Tale of Two (E-Commerce) Retailers

by Chris Fletcher  |  February 4, 2012

Last week I attended the Massachusetts Internet & Technology Exchange ( conference on E-Commerce, held at Microsoft’s R&D Center in Cambridge MA and on the other side of the Charles River from Gartner’s Boston offices. MITX is a non-profit trade association for digital marketing and the Internet business industry, with a membership of technology vendors, […]

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Managing E-Commerce through Mergers & Acquisitions

by Chris Fletcher  |  December 20, 2011

An October research note titled “M&A Activity Poses Risks and Benefits to Ecommerce  Plans”  gave clients a short list of mergers and acquisitions in the e-commerce sector over the prior 18 months.  The note also gave clients a set of tactical guidelines to follow as they managed through vendor transitions that might have an impact […]

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Multi-Threaded Conferences

by Chris Fletcher  |  December 15, 2011

The SAP Influencer Summit was held in Boston this week, and I was in the audience, along with several of my Gartner analyst peers and 150 other technology analysts, journalists, and bloggers. During the summit presentations few eyes were on the speaker or on the slides: everyone, literally everyone, was looking at the screen of […]

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“Old school” Lead Management

by Chris Fletcher  |  December 13, 2011

Senior executives consistently rank customer acquisition and customer retention as their #1 and #2 priorities.  They put constant pressure on the marketing organization to feed the sales engine, and marketing executives scramble to generate leads – qualified selling opportunities – using email campaigns, mobile search, webinars, digital marketing, social networking, and any other digital medium […]

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Hello, World Redux

by Chris Fletcher  |  December 8, 2011

Hello, World! OK, I realize that my first blog didn’t start with the usual ‘Hello, World’ introductions and pleasantries but instead dove into the cold New England waters of e-commerce and lobsters. Let me take a short step back to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect here. I have: .Spent 30 […]

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Build vs Buy in E-Commerce: Is it a lobster trap?

by Chris Fletcher  |  December 6, 2011

Here in New England fishermen use lobster traps to catch, no surprise, lobsters. If you’re not from New England, a lobster trap is essentially a box filled with bait (e.g. fish offal) with a one-way net that covers the opening. The lobster goes in to get the bait, but can’t get out again. For companies […]

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