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How to Drive Digital Commerce Across Enterprise Brands

By Chelsea Gross | October 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

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There are many ways to amplify individual brands within an enterprise, which build upon the advantages of consolidation.  Digital commerce is a fantastic way to showcase smaller brands for awareness-driving initiatives led by larger brands, and for larger brands to improve acquisition targets via partnership with the smaller brands.

Regardless of B2C industry, there are at least four ways to tackle this goal. These four ways require cross-functional teams:


  • Improving Digital Assortment – Integrating smaller enterprise brands into larger brands’ sites helps diversify assortment for larger brands. There are ways to bring smaller brands into the larger brand site, as well as the opposite.


  • Capturing Data – Campaigns and promotions that link enterprise brands expand reach for individual brand teams with the potential to develop formalized data-sharing.


  • Single Checkout – Simplifying the checkout experience to a single interface offers multiple benefits. Integrated fulfillment networks minimize the number of boxes delivered to the end consumer


  • Eye-Catching Unboxing – Providing brand story documents, promo codes, and/or branded packaging build awareness with the potential to drive back to social, email, and individual brand sites.


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