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Good Luck on Your Next Venture, Jeffery Bezos 

By Chelsea Gross | July 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Jeffery Bezos will officially step down as CEO of Amazon in the coming days.

However you feel about Amazon, Jeffery Bezos is a celebrity. As CEO, Bezos led the team that catapulted Amazon into a household name. Beyond his impact at Amazon, Bezos made a name of his own as he entered new businesses:

  • Journalism (e.g. Washington Post)
  • Entertainment (e.g. Prime Video Originals)
  • Technology (e.g. Amazon Web Services)

Amazon remains a retail leader

As an analyst covering Amazon, I point to Amazon as a leader. A few themes recently: 

  • Facilitating fulfillment via online marketplaces 
  • Maximizing product discovery while minimizing friction (e.g. AmazonPay)
  • Aggregating product content to attract buyers (e.g. UGC)

Amazon strategically expands into new markets

Global reach, awareness, and revenue fueled Amazon’s growth from its inception in 1994 to its leadership in retail today. This strategy is met with specific market challenges and a few questionable endeavors. In the US, retailers and regional category specialists challenge Amazon with advertising campaigns focused on localizing retail. Independent book stores are a well-known to actively campaign as “anti-Amazon”

Bezos is a complicated human

The entire group of Amazon associates deserve the credit for Amazon’s success. As a human, Bezos’s legacy exists among the rare few who are realized for their power and relevance prior to death. An extreme example: a recent Netflix special features two songs dedicated to Bezos (out of a total of twenty songs, see Inside, by Bo Burham). As Bo Burham says, “Jeffery Bezos, You Did it!”. 

Cheers, and good luck on your next venture, Jeffery Bezos. Read more on and reach out with questions – 4 Ways to Optimize Product Page Content on Amazon

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