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Why Brands Are Re-Evaluating Their Direct to Consumer Strategy

By Chelsea Gross | March 02, 2021 | 0 Comments

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Interest in selling direct to consumer is increasing. We regularly speak to brands who are genuinely surprised by the influx of online sales to their direct channels over the past year. As the stay-at-home economy benefits online shopping, many brands are reporting record high volume of online sales as well as higher share of online revenue. Even brands in categories historically reliant on scaled distribution partners, such as CPG, are launching websites to deepen relationships with the customer and sell select product.

The growth of direct channels is fortuitous, however, will not last forever. Whether or not direct to consumer was a priority in the past, it is critical to define the consumer value for buying direct going forward. The benefits to the brand are clear (e.g. consumer data, lower dependence on third parties), but the benefits to the consumer are not always as clear cut.

There are many ways to establish differentiation for direct to consumer. Each brand must find a balance between product, price, and experience. All require coordination across brand teams to ensure that the value of buying direct highlighted across the journey.

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