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2019 – A Whole New Adventure Awaits

By Carlie Idoine | January 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

2019 is here! In Northeast Ohio, we actually started the year allowing our minds to wander about what the winter of 2019 would be like with NO SNOW. NO SNOW… imagine…

So much for that. It took a while for winter to kick into full gear, but today the view out my window is much like a winter snow globe. For me, though, there’s still something exciting about that first, new, crisp, inviting snowfall.


Like a kid waking up to the first REAL snow, I am excited for the adventures that await us, too, as we navigate the analytics landscape in 2019.  Some will be brand new excursions and some will be an extension down a new path, starting from where we already are. There are new vendors, new products, new capabilities and evolving markets.

And we, at Gartner, are busily preparing our Data and Analytics Summits to help you with your own analytic journey.

Data Science and Machine Learning Bake-Off is New for 2019

This year, we will be offering our first Data Science and Machine Learning (DSML) Bake-Off at the Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando, FL, on Tuesday, March 19th. This fast-paced session will consist of three vendors, Databricks, DataRobot and SAS, who will demo their platforms, compare their capabilities and contrast their offerings with each other. We will focus on showing the diverse nature of DSML platforms – apples, oranges and avocados, really – but all providing an end-to-end approach to building and managing models. This session will be in addition to the very popular BI Bake-Off, hosted by Cindi Howson, entering its 5th year at the Summit. We’re so excited to be taking this new step! Watch my twitter and this blog as we provide more information and opportunities to engage. We are also looking for “Data for Good” data sets to use for these bake-offs. If you know of one that could be interesting, please share it with us.

Analytic Show Floor Showdowns Gives an Up-Close View

Another new event at the Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando will be the Analytic Show Floor Showdown sessions. These sessions, conducted on the show floor, will provide various vendors in both the analytics and BI and data science and machine learning space to demonstrate their products. It will not be a fast-paced, head-to-head competition like the bake-off, but will provide a more “up close and personal” way to learn more about the various tools. There will be two sets of sessions: Analytic and BI tools will be demonstrated on Tuesday, March 19th. Data science and machine learning tools will be demoed on Wednesday, March 20th. Follow me on Twitter to learn more information about this event, too.

Some of the additional topics to be covered at the Data and Analytics Summits this year will encourage extensions from your current analytics path – taking that next step and moving in additional or new directions – and represent the same for us.

BI Bake-Off is Cooking

The BI Bake-off will be offered again this year in Orlando and will feature Microsoft, Qlik, Tableau and ThoughtSpot. In addition, the BI Bake-off is being expanded this year to also be offered in London! The London event will feature Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau. It’s a slightly shorter timeframe to accommodate getting our “ski legs” the first time around. Check out Cindi’s tweet (@BIScorecard) and blog to learn more about these popular, exciting events.

Additional Sessions for Tackling that Next Big Hill

I am putting the finishing touches on two additional sessions for the Summits this year, both of which provide guidance for extending your analytic course to, perhaps, previously uncharted territories. My “Drive From What’s Next to What’s Best: Combining Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Impact” session discusses how predictive and prescriptive capabilities, working together, enable you to focus on and deliver business impact in a very direct and measurable way. In addition, the “Scaling Self-Service Data and Analytics” workshop gives a hands-on approach for planning and delivering on an ecosystem that supports self-service analytics throughout your organization. This session is always fun as we work together on exercises derived from real case studies to plan a self-service analytics approach. Be sure to sign-up early – this one requires registration!

MQ Sessions Help Navigate

MQ sessions detailing the Analytics and BI and Data Science and Machine Learning Magic Quadrants as well as related data MQs will also be provided. This is a great way to get a quick overview of what’s new and what to watch in each of the markets.

2019 is going to be a BIG year!  Are you feeling brave and ready for what promises to be an exhilarating run? You know what they say… “When life gives you snow, …..”

Snowman Build

.. or something like that…

Bring it on, 2019! Where will the exciting ride take you this year?

Carlie Idoine

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