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Growing With Gartner: The Story of Gigi Zhang

Are you looking to join a sales team where you can learn and grow every day? Meet Gigi Zhang, Senior Sales Manager at Gartner. Below, she shares the story of how resilience and positivity have helped her thrive in her Sales career at Gartner.

June 09, 2021

I was born and raised in a family where courage is considered to be a significant virtue. My father believed in training me as a soldier. So, over the years, I learned activities like swimming and riding which essentially shaped my behavior and resilient character. I have been able to apply these qualities in every aspect to reach where I am today.

Upon completing my master’s degree in Economics, I decided to explore various career options. My first job was as an Analyst in a Consulting Firm. It was there that I realized that I was passionate about talking to people rather than assessing data. I transitioned into a client representative a year later, where I was coached on ‘value selling’ and evolved quickly as a sales professional. In 2015, I joined Gartner as an Account Executive in the financial industry. My managers provided me the best support, and their expert guidance helped me to achieve the Winner Circle award for 5 consecutive years. By helping my clients win, the trust-based customer relationship has truly enhanced my performance.

As a sales manager, the question I’m asked frequently is – how do I motivate my team to succeed? My answer is three-fold: Be a role model, care for people, and be positive.

This belief helps me to build a strong, positive, and swift team that can win in any circumstances. In mid-January 2020, as I was visiting my parents in Wuhan for the Spring Festival, the entire city was suddenly locked down. Being grounded for months, trapped by bad news every so often, I led my team by example to fight with a variety of difficulties and eventually became the top achiever in APAC, and my entire team achieved Winner Circle. ‘Bold to Win’ became a mindset among my team members. We practice this and lead by example, hoping everyone realizes their true potential and grows in their respective careers.

I think the most exciting part of my career at Gartner is that I get the opportunity to learn, practice, and equip myself with the most well-known methodologies and most advanced innovations and know-how. By following Gartner’s world-class sales methodologies, I’m empowered to confidently communicate with C-levels leaders. Additionally, I am deeply inspired to see the role technology can play in our future and our children’s future.

Gartner is a strong enabler for established organizations, who have successfully transformed themselves and grew the fastest in the past 40 years. Gartner is the most significant advisor for our clients who continue to seek a future of innovative and ambitious product leadership. Gartner has been recognized for various awards and accolades which is a reflection of our people and culture. If you are determined to become a world-class sales professional and participating in digital society changes in progress, you’ve come to the right place! I highly recommend considering a role here at Gartner. 

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