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Yulia’s Tips for Success on the High Tech Team

At Gartner, we aim to equip all associates with the tools they need to be successful. As such, we encourage and provide opportunities for associates to explore opportunities for growth to continuously improve and develop new skills. Below, Yulia Solomon, Client Executive, is sharing her personal experience of growth on the High Tech Team throughout her time at Gartner. 

May 15, 2021

Yulia joined our High Tech team 8 years ago. From there, she has continued to grow internally and was recently promoted to a Client Executive role. She’s excelled in her role by consistently adding value by taking the time to understand her client’s top priorities, challenges they may be facing and helping them take advantage of Gartner resources so they can best deliver on their initiatives. Here are her 4 tips for success on the High Tech Team:

Prioritize Continuous Learning: Consistently seek out opportunities to learn from your peers to understand best practices and what has led them success.

Understand the Product: Push yourself to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and educate yourself on Gartner resources and products. New tools and assets are always being released so be sure to take advantage of all resources and products available to you.

Build Relationships: Take time to get to know your colleagues.  These internal partners such as our product team and analysts can be some of the most valuable relationships and the key to ensuring you’re able to provide best-in-class service to your clients.

 Understand Your Clients: Always have a value-first mentality when it comes to your clients. This mindset will help you build a foundation of trust, and lasting, meaningful relationships. Ultimately gaining or maintaining their business.

Overall, I recommend that you first observe and listen.  Whether it’s listening to top Account Executives on the team who are always willing to offer advice, or your clients to gain a deeper understanding of their initiatives and priorities so you’re best prepared to help them achieve their goals. By following these tips, you too can be successful on the High Tech team. 

Interested in joining Gartner’s High Tech Team? Explore our open roles here.  

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