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3 Tips for Interview Success From the Gartner Recruitment Team

When you join Gartner’s Services team, you’ll unlock endless possibilities for your career. Whether you are looking to establish relationships and build rapport with clients or solve business challenges at an industry level, you’ll have the opportunity to work with and learn from the best. Below, Emily Skelly, Priyanka Bagoria, and Janie Dinnis, our Services recruitment team members, share frequently asked interview questions and how your answers can set you up for success.

April 09, 2021

What is your favorite question to ask in an interview and why? 

Janie: “Tell me about a time when you had to own up to an error.” 

This is one of my favorite questions to ask a candidate because it can tell me multiple things. First, it gives me an understanding of their level of integrity – one of our core values here at Gartner, and we want to ensure we dig into this area when interviewing It can indicate how/if they learned from that mistake and any processes they put in place to avoid making that same mistake in the future. It also gives me a sense as to whether they consciously monitor their work (i.e., did someone have to bring this error to their attention or catch it themselves?).

Priyanka: “How have you learned to work in a new environment?” 

There are a couple of reasons why this one is my favorite. First of all,  it helps me gauge how quickly a candidate can adapt to change, and second, it helps me understand a candidate’s desire to proactively learn about unfamiliar and unknown areas. From the answers to this question, I’ll gain some insight into how the candidate reacted to a new project, role, or task and how they were able to seek out and leverage different resources to adapt to an unfamiliar situation.

What makes a candidate stand out from others during an interview?

Emily: Two major things can help a candidate shine. The first is the ability to demonstrate not only their knowledge of Gartner and the role itself but, more importantly, their desire to work for us and in this capacity. Secondly, a strong candidate will respond to questions with relevant detail, — the situation, task, action, and result — effectively and concisely. 

Janie: First, their passion for people. Do they put the client or stakeholder first at all times? Do they see value in internal collaboration and communication? Next up is their drive. Will they persevere no matter what obstacles they may face? Lastly, a candidate will stand out if they’re asking thoughtful, relevant questions at every opportunity. This helps me gauge their interest level in Gartner and the role itself.

What are you looking for in an ideal candidate for our Services team at Gartner? 

Priyanka: A great candidate is someone who is innovative and constantly looking to learn. Being able to continuously improve and upskill helps the team to deliver the best possible client experience. Someone who takes the initiative to learn new things will likely be more successful because we need to be agile so we can quickly adapt to the ever-changing business needs. We look for candidates who are analytical and data-driven, but who also have the emotional intelligence that is needed to support our clients. 

Emily: We look for several key traits when considering new talent for our Services team. First, a track record of success. Can the candidate share examples of how they have been successful in the past? This can be in academics, work, sports, or other activities. To us, this demonstrates perseverance, the ability to work through challenges, and the drive to succeed. Another key trait is the ability to develop valuable relationships with both clients and colleagues. Collaboration is key here at Gartner, and we look for individuals who can engage in an effective and mutually beneficial way. Finally, we look for people who continuously aim to improve by seeking feedback, adopting best practices, and making actionable decisions.

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