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Growing With Gartner: Nic Van Hattum Shares His Story

Are you looking for a sales career where you’ll be rewarded, yet challenged at the same time? At Gartner, you’ll have a seat at the table helping clients identify and solve their most important challenges. Nic van Hattum, Senior Account Executive from New Zealand shares how joining the Gartner Sales team helped him broaden his knowledge, gain new perspectives and accelerate his career.

April 07, 2021

Personal Life:

I grew up in Wellington, New Zealand, and come from a big Dutch family. While growing up, I loved all kinds of sports and especially had a keen interest in soccer. I played senior football and spent a lot of time around older role models in the locker room and in the pitch rooms. Playing this gritty game over the years had a huge impact on my life and career. Over the years that I played this game, I learned the value of teamwork, strategy, and consistent execution, which I have since applied throughout my career.

Current Role:

In my current role, I have the opportunity to work directly with Senior IT (Information technology) and Digital Leaders. The key to success is to make sure that my clients have access to the information and resources they need to make their most critical decisions confidently. I support their team through all aspects of decision-making – from thought leadership to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations, to operating model changes. The best part of my job is knowing I am surrounded by industry-leading research and a team of experts that I can lean on and learn from – ultimately equipping me to provide the best possible support for my clients.

Career Trajectory:

Joining Gartner was a sudden decision, but needless to say, it has been worthwhile. I attribute my initial success to the  Sales Training Academy where I was introduced to proven practices and the full suite of products and services Gartner offers to clients. This foundational knowledge allowed me to hit the ground running and achieve my first sales within 90 days of joining the team. Unfortunately, despite all my hard work, I missed out on the first Winner’s Circle – our sales rewards program for top earners. From a tough learning experience, I persevered, set a new goal, made a plan, and successfully delivered. All that hard work paid off, and I’m proud to share that I have ranked among the top 3 sales associates in the greater APAC region for two consecutive years. 

Making an Impact: 

What makes this experience so unique?  That daily, I’m working alongside some of the smartest people around the world and have direct access to Gartner’s thought leadership and strategic insights, which I use to engage new clients and keep our current ones informed. There’s something really satisfying about helping organizational leaders effectively and efficiently deliver on their priorities. Ultimately, their success is my success and it doesn’t get much better than that. Over the years, I have fallen in love with the exposure and the critical conversations that I get to be a part of and feel valued knowing that my clients, some of the most highly positioned IT/Digital executives, view me as a trusted and respected advisor.

Does this sound like a fit for you?  Apply here today and accelerate your sales career.

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  • Jimmy Morocco says:

    Hello Nic,

    I really enjoyed reading your story with Gartner. I am in large enterprise business sales as well and I love being able to see how learning about a businesses mission critical priorities, targets, and desires can fuel the growth of their business – both from a results standpoint and a culture standpoint. Keep helping lift those around you and you in turn will be lifted!