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How Michael Gallagher Found His Calling With Gartner Sales

Finding a job you are passionate about is not always easy. But that was not the case with Michael Gallagher, Client Executive at Gartner. Once he joined our Sales team, he knew in his heart that he was here to stay. Learn about his career journey below.

March 29, 2021

I was born and raised in Southern California but have lived all over the world. My first two years with Gartner were spent in Perth, Australia, and along the way, I’ve lived in Italy, France, and Indonesia. My wife and I have recently moved back to the US and are now living in San Diego, awaiting the arrival of our first child – a baby girl, due in May.

I joined Gartner in 2019 as a Senior Account Executive. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in my career. I had jumped from one company to the next for seven years after university graduation. After completing two years here, both years where I qualified for Winner’s Circle – our President’s Club – and finishing among the top Account Executives in the region, I can say I’ve finally found a place that feels like I belong here. I don’t think I truly learned how to sell until I arrived at Gartner and my time here has been both exciting and challenging. Gartner is an incubator for curiosity, and I’ve grown significantly in this environment. 

Currently, I work as a Client Executive in our high-tech organization. It is essentially a strategic sales role. Our clients are among the offices of the CIOs within the world’s largest technology companies. It is my job to maintain relationships with these clients and find new business opportunities while expanding my relationships with our current clients. Before joining Gartner, I always thought I would leave sales because I was never truly happy, but after joining Gartner I realized I had just been selling the wrong products at the wrong companies. I never had any conviction about what we were doing because I couldn’t see a tangible impact on my clients. Now, I work with the largest tech companies on the planet and provide them the resources they need to transform into the companies they’re going to be for the forthcoming decades. 

Any company these days can offer good pay and a cushy benefits package, but I’ve never worked for a company before Gartner that has fostered such a collaborative culture that truly puts the employees first. Our team’s core objectives are aligned with the company’s overall business objectives. So my success would always roll up to the success of the organization. That is why, Gartner continues to invest in its associates, ensuring long-term success. Hence, I’ve become the salesperson I always hoped I could be during my time here. 

If you’re a curious person and value a balanced life, Gartner is a great place to work. I’ve always had an exit plan in my previous roles, but instead of planning my escape, I’m talking with leadership about my future with the company. I think that speaks volumes.

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