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Expedite Your Career Through Gartner India’s Analyst Talent Lab Program

Are you looking to jump-start your career as a research analyst? Below, Achint Aggarwal, Team Manager, Gartner Analyst Talent Lab in Gurgaon, India shares about our Analyst Talent Lab and how we help set you up for success from day 1. 

March 16, 2021

Gartner’s Talent Lab is our signature program targeted at high potential early-to mid-career research talent. This program is designed for rapid skill acquisition and career growth, wherein you will gain on-the-job experience, education, and exposure to Gartner proven practices and research methodologies. You’ll be part of a team that values curiosity, expert insights, bold ideas, and intellectual courage while empowering clients to make the right decisions so they can successfully deliver on their key initiatives.

You’ll start with a robust 30-day onboarding experience, followed by ongoing training and professional development workshops to help expand your knowledge, and enhance your abilities in these key areas: 

  • Networking: Master the art of building strong and meaningful connections
  • Domain Building: Familiarize yourself with the resources available to you and get first-hand exposure to industry experts and experienced Gartner analysts who will help gain the foundational insight you’ll need to be successful
  • Knowledge Sharing: You’ll be working among some of the best and brightest in the industry.  Taking time to get to know your colleagues will help you deepen your knowledge, and diversify your perspective. 
  • Presentation Skills: As a budding analyst, your ability to effectively communicate with your audience will be critical to your success. We’ll help prepare you to deliver successful presentations – both virtual and onstage.
  • Social Hours: We know that your overall well-being impacts your ability to do your best work.  Keeping that in mind, we set aside time to connect on a more personal level – this often consists of sharing stories, recent experiences, and simply having a few good laughs together. We also remind each other to take advantage of all the benefits and resources available so we can live well and reach our full potential. 

This robust program will help transform you into an influential thought leader who’s ready to tackle real-world challenges with C-level executives across various industries and functions.

“The journey from preparing for my first client interaction to chairing a Gartner conference has been an amazing one! The Analyst Talent Lab provided a strong foundation to hone my research skills,” –  Shubhangi Vashisth, Senior Principal Analyst.

“The Analyst Talent Lab provided me a great platform to develop deep domain expertise and work with a globally diverse team and client organizations, while directly impacting business outcomes. In a short span of time, I got an opportunity to produce thought-leading research documents, present at Gartner and vendor events, and advise clients on their critical initiatives,” Akash Jain, Associate Principal Analyst

Are you interested in pursuing a career opportunity with Gartner? When you join our team, you’ll be given all the tools needed to succeed and accelerate your career path. Discover more about our limitless growth and professional development opportunities here.

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