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Veterans at Gartner Launches New Chapter in India to Support Local Military Members

Our Veterans at Gartner employee resource group (ERG) is dedicated to making Gartner a great place to work for top military talent and their families. Veterans at Gartner’s presence continues to grow across our organization, with over 750 members in locations across the United States, Europe, Australia and India.

December 21, 2020

Recently in August 2020, we launched a formal chapter in India. The local chapter is led by Sandeep Singh, Recruiting Manager, and currently has 130+ members and community allies from Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore. The group will hold monthly meetings for veteran associates, families and others interested in volunteering, networking and supporting veteran candidates looking to join Gartner.

“Continuing on our mission to hire, grow and retain top military talent, I have the honor to lead the local chapter in India alongside a group of highly motivated individuals, who are  committed to promoting the value military veterans and their family members bring to Gartner. We’re looking forward to creating more opportunities to engage with and give back to the veteran community in whatever way possible and make a difference, however big or small,” says Sandeep. 

This past summer, members of the ERG came together in celebration of India’s 74th Independence Day on August 15th. The chapter organized a panel discussion with veteran associates and had trivia questions about the nation’s history and encouraged others to take part in a physical activity or exercise for 19 minutes and 47 seconds – to remember 1947 – the year India gained its independence.

“Veterans at Gartner is a one of a kind platform – one that has brought together the right people, making the right kind of efforts, and with their hearts in the right place. Not only has it connected people across departments and functions, binding them together in a common thread of togetherness and growth, but it also has been instrumental in creating shared values,” says Diwakar Nath Pandey, Senior Manager, Real Estate. 

As a veteran of the Indian Army, Deven Pandey, Senior Executive Partner, Emerging Markets, shares, “Veterans at Gartner is a group of some of the most accomplished leaders. The community stands as a pillar of strength and provides opportunities for constant collaboration and mentorship; not just within the group but across the wider organization. The India chapter was formally inaugurated in August, and being a panelist during the Independence Day celebration; I personally experienced the warmth and trust this ERG provides our associates.”

Are you a veteran interested in joining the Gartner team? Learn more about our commitment to the military community and their families here.

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