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Returning to the Work You Love: Our Research & Advisory Associates Share Their Stories

When you join our world-class Research and Advisory team you’ll develop and deliver the insights, advice and one-on-one guidance clients need to adapt to the changing macro-environment. Sound like the career opportunity you’re looking for? Learn more about the team below.

December 16, 2020

Our R&A associates are helping businesses worldwide work smarter, not harder. It’s part of what draws some of the industry’s best to our team – even after they’ve made the decision to pursue other opportunities and for some, more than once. Below, several associates share about their career journey’s and what drew them back to Gartner after exploring other professional paths. 

Aadil Abbas, Director Advisory, HR Practice, Australia 

“I rejoined the Gartner team in May of 2019 after leaving for about a year. What drew me back? The people, the work-life flexibility and the impact I am able to have on a wide range of client organizations. The privilege to be a trusted and objective partner to C-suite leaders, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is intrinsically motivating and ensures no day ever feels the same! 

If you are intellectually curious, enjoy converting big-ideas into bite-sized, actionable and contextual advice and like variety in your work, then definitely consider a role with Gartner’s R&A team. You won’t be disappointed!” 

Tricia Phillips, Senior Director, Analyst, United States

I love being a Gartner analyst. I loved it before I left too — I called it my “glass slipper” job. The requirements of doing research, writing research, presenting, and meeting with clients through inquiry provide a satisfying channel for many of my professional and intellectual interests and strengths. 

I made the decision to pursue another opportunity for personal reasons, but I always hoped I would return, and I am so glad to be back. I really missed the integrity of the work and the company. There is such a strong focus on doing the right thing, for our clients, for our shareholders, for our associates. It isn’t always easy, and as an analyst, we have many priorities to balance, but with the north star of providing unbiased, independent guidance to our clients, is it very satisfying.”

Errol Rasit, Managing Vice President, United Kingdom 

“I was with Gartner for 13 years before leaving to work for another organization. After 2 years away, I was very happy to rejoin Gartner this year. I came back as a part of our Emerging Technology & Trends research group, where we focus on analysing upcoming technology trends. To do this type of work at the most influential advisory company in the industry was an opportunity I knew I had to take. 

Gartner’s resilience – meaning that of the company and the people – is another reason why I came back. Having been here for 13 years previously, it felt like I was leaving family behind; I still kept in regular contact with many colleagues and I really felt part of something. On our team, you certainly won’t be twiddling your thumbs! You get to work with amazing people and have the freedom to innovate. Innovation happens at all levels and in everything we do. I certainly feel like you get out what you put into this type of work.”

Nick Duffy, Executive Advisory, Finance Practice, Australia

“If you’re looking for a place where you can really make an impact in your role, Gartner is the right place for you. And trust me, I speak from experience. I departed Gartner to take on a very different role at a very different type of company but rejoined as I was seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

Our unique business model allows for us to create value for our clients at an incredible scale. Being able to help the decisions makers at some of the world’s leading organizations is surreal.  I’m able to help them do their jobs successfully, which brings me great joy in the day-to-day.”

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