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Trust, Transparency, and Team Recognition: Maroon Yan Shares What It Takes To Be Successful

Maroon Yan, Area Vice President at Gartner China, has a track record of success and continues to lead others to achieve the same. She shares with us, her journey over the past 7 years and what makes her team stand apart from the others.

November 12, 2020

Current Role in Gartner

Throughout my tenure here, I’ve been able to work my way up into my current role as an Area Vice President, Sales.  Currently, I lead a team of three managers and 19 account executives. Together, we strive to meet and exceed our target goals by consistently executing on our key objectives.  This is made easier when we take advantage of internal programs and proven-practices. One of the most important aspects of my role is coaching and developing the managers on my team.  It’s my responsibility to help set them up for success and enable them to guide their teams as well.  We have a healthy cross-team sharing culture that helps us recognize the bright spots and grow together by learning from each other. 

Why Gartner?

Gartner is a unique and well-respected industry leader. The fact that a majority of the Fortune 500 companies are clients is a testament to Gartner’s reputation.  From a career perspective, I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to continuously challenge myself and expand my knowledge. This has helped me stay up to date on the latest technology trends that are changing the world today. On my team, we also get the opportunity to engage with C-level clients to learn about their industry and the challenges they are facing.  This first-hand perspective helps us better recommend resources and deliver value. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

What makes your team successful?

Trust: To be successful, the team must build a foundation of trust.  We take the time to get to know one another and discuss individual goals. We play off of each other’s strengths and work together to achieve both our individual and broader business goals, influencing and coaching our teammates along the way. When you care for your team and establish trust, they will, in turn, be more willing to work together to overcome obstacles and deliver on goals. 

Leadership mindset: Our most successful leaders possess the ability to create and drive the team’s vision. My team is always finding solutions – thanks to their no-limits mindset. When met with a challenge, we strategize together, evaluate our options, and create an action plan. We are resilient and believe that there is nothing that cannot be conquered if we work together.

Team Recognition: Let’s face it – everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements. And, we want others to acknowledge, experience, and celebrate alongside us.  Highlighting wins, and sharing best practices is an easy way to elevate the team and accelerate growth. 

My journey at Gartner has been wonderful. I believe that if you work hard and do the right things- great results will follow, and you too can have a similar experience. 

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