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Gartner Leader Anjali Grover Shares 5 Tips for a Successful Career

How can you build a successful career? Anjali Grover, Growth Accelerator Director at Gartner, shares some of her invaluable insights below.

October 30, 2020

At Gartner, we work in a client-focused environment that focuses on making an impact through ideas and insights. While setting up Gartner’s Center of Excellence offices over the last few years, I have learned some important lessons. Here are some key tips I recommend for building a successful career as a leader.

Adaptability to learn

“This is not my area.” This phrase is a classic recipe for failure. Some advice I give to my team members to help them succeed in their role is to utilize their ability to adapt to changing business needs and be ready to learn new things. We all know technology is changing quickly and being ready to upskill yourself at a moment’s notice is a key in our ever-changing, digital world.

Practice essentialism

Essentialism is not just prioritization. It means prioritizing your time and energy in the wisest possible way to make sure you are operating efficiently and effectively. It also doesn’t mean doing less for the sake of less, either. We can’t have it all and do it all. So, accept the reality of trade-offs, and rather than focusing on how to make it all work, focus on prioritizing from a list of tasks, and decide which problems you can solve. This will help you to keep a sharp focus in this time-eating world of social media.

Have a structured thought process

Creating a structured thought process is one of the most critical traits of high-performers. Breaking down complex problems into smaller problems and dealing with them individually is a differentiating factor. Multiple effective techniques are available to practice this skill, including a mind map.

Clear and concise communication 

The ability to communicate has always been a very crucial skill for climbing the career ladder. Effective communication not only includes a good command of the language but also the right context and the ability to express it in a succinct manner.

Read, read, and read

Reading every day makes us not only well-informed but also gives our mind the necessary stimulation to think. We have seen all top leaders have one thing in common, which is a love for reading. For one, Bill Gates created the popular Think Week, where he takes one week off every year to read and assimilate. Similarly, we often see other leaders sharing their best reads with us. Making this a habit in your life can have long-term positive results.

An important piece of advice that all professionals should remember is: Do not underestimate yourself by thinking you are any less. I sincerely urge you to lean in and take charge of your own career.

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