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Why I Chose Gartner: Sang Min Lee Shares His Story

Sang Min Lee found Gartner while contemplating his professional future and looking for a position with limitless opportunity. Since joining the Gartner sales team, he’s been focused on leveraging his strong communication skills to build relationships with his clients. Below he’s sharing about why he chose Gartner and what he’s gained through his experience.

October 16, 2020

I was originally drawn to Gartner because of the fact it’s a well-established, global company which to me means endless opportunities. If you do your research you’ll see that people have moved in so many different directions here.  I’ve witnessed many of my colleagues advance in their roles and climb up the ladder, while others have chosen to explore new roles across various teams – some even opting to relocate to different parts of the world. The most exciting thing about working here is that the only limitations you have are those you impose upon yourself. I’ve always focused on building relationships and taking advantage of the resources available to help me expand my knowledge and skillset, which has helped me achieve success.

I have also valued the opportunity to learn from our C-level clients. For the past four years, I’ve interacted with some of the most respected professionals in the industry. I feel fortunate to have the ability to directly connect with the most senior IT executives within an enterprise.  This has allowed me to build relationships, and more importantly, trust with my clients.  In doing so, I gain more insight into their world so I can connect them with the right resources to help them solve their everyday challenges. When my clients succeed, I succeed. 

I have gained so much in just a few years here and I’m excited to see what’s ahead. Working alongside some of the brightest and driven people fuels my desire to raise the bar and continuously challenge myself. I take every opportunity to engage and learn from my colleagues and clients so I can expand my knowledge and exceed my personal and professional goals. 

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