Gartner Provides Flexible Working Arrangements Through August 2021

Our people are our most valuable asset, enabling us to get better, faster and stronger year after year. Below, learn more on how Gartner continues to provide flexibility to associates so that they can make decisions that suit their current personal circumstances.

October 13, 2020

At Gartner, the health, safety, and overall well-being of our associates remain a top priority.  Earlier this year Gartner made the decision to close offices due to the spread of COVID-19 and associates transitioned to working from home. Although a small number of offices have since reopened in locations where it is safe to do so,  the option for associates to work from home has been extended through August 2021.  The goal is to provide flexibility so that all associates can plan ahead and adjust their work patterns based on their personal circumstances.

Since the onset of COVID-19 many of our associates have taken on additional responsibilities – homeschooling children, caring for loved ones, or a variety of other tasks that have stemmed from abrupt changes in normal routines.  Fortunately, technology has enabled our associates to continue working together to support our clients without disruption. 

With flexibility comes opportunity.  Encouraging our associates to work from home provides them with the ability to manage their personal circumstances. This is especially the case with homeschooling or caring for loved ones, unexpected responsibilities that would be hard or impossible if our associates had to maintain traditional work hours or be physically present in an office.  As our associates continue to prioritize and make difficult decisions, choosing between personal responsibilities and a successful career at Gartner shouldn’t be one of them.  For some, this flexibility has also allowed them to focus on self-improvement,  take up new hobbies, or give back to the community and causes they care about. For others, the flexibility has removed some anxieties about navigating the blurred lines between one’s personal and professional life. 

2020 has brought challenges that few could have anticipated. By offering this extended period of flexibility, Gartner is confident that our associates will be able to develop in their careers as they continue to support our clients with their mission-critical priorities.

At Gartner, we recognize that our associates are at their personal and professional best when they are happy and healthy. As a member of our growing team, you’ll have access to generous benefits from your first day on the job. Learn more about life at Gartner here.

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