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Explore insights from members of the R&A team on the challenging projects they worked on recently.

October 09, 2020

To survive and thrive in this fast-changing market, our clients look to Gartner to help them make their mission-critical decisions. Our associates make it a priority to seek opportunities to tackle any challenge that comes their way and meet business needs. The Gartner Research & Advisory (R&A) team provides invaluable insights to our clients through a combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research.

Ajeeta Malhotra, Senior Research Specialist

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects here. The most recent was this year’s Gartner Emerging Technology Roadmap, an annual peer-based view of how organizations plan to adopt technologies in the next 12-18 months. This year, 438 companies took part in this survey that not only provides technology adoption plans but also offers insight into the speed of adoption. I found this extremely interesting because this is a data-driven project, and it was easily consumable for clients in infographic form. Also, given the impact of COVID-19 in nearly every field, it was interesting to see the trends that came up.

Aman Deep Singh, Senior Research Specialist

From our previous research, we had found that 68% of CEOs of small and midsize technology firms consider business expansion as their top priority. To enable them to pursue growth opportunities, I developed a step-by-step guide to creating a corporate strategic plan by working with Gartner experts who have decades of hands-on experience in this field. This research allowed me to reach and contribute to the thinking of 200+ CEOs and other functional leaders. 

Priyanka Rana, Research Principal

This year, I worked on a research study titled Advancing Recruiting’s Value Through Uncertain Times that was delivered to our clients through virtual meetings. The study explores how the recruiting function’s role has evolved in organizations from ”replacing the workforce” to ”shaping the workforce.” It provides HR leaders with a set of principles they can apply to drive this shift at their organization and showcases case studies from organizations that are already executing this successfully. This project became even more impactful because the coronavirus pandemic emerged just as we were halfway through the research process, forcing us to examine the value of recruiting in such uncertain and disruptive times. That made the research relevant, timely and actionable for HR leaders grappling with unforeseen challenges in talent management. 

Twisha Sharma, Research Specialist

I recently worked on a project that provides our clients with critical business insights for finance teams, such as improving the technology infrastructure. My project introduced our clients to the concept of advanced automation and laid out clear next steps for CFOs. This was our first project for CFOs where we talked about such advanced technologies and it was received well, having been seen by 600+ finance leaders so far. 

Kartik Kalra, Senior Research Specialist

I worked on Smarter Spending: Invest in Business Outcomes, which was the core topic for Gartner Symposium/Xpo® in 2019. I was able to work on several initiatives, including a case study that helped CIOs explore how they can optimize costs and use that money for digital transformation initiatives at their organizations. This case was presented at multiple Symposiums across the globe to thousands of IT leaders.

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