Key Lessons From COVID-19: Our Associates Share Their Experiences

The world is still coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19, which continues to change everything about life and work as we know it. We’ve read plenty about how tough life has been, but what positives have we gained? Below, our associates are sharing some of the good that has come from this year’s events.

October 08, 2020

Charlie Lam, Recruiter

The new ways of working have challenged me to prioritize my time more effectively. As a result, I now have a greater balance between my personal and professional life. I’ve also been able to spend more quality time with my loved ones now that we’re working from home, which helps me de-stress and be more productive. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on the well-being of those near and dear to us, and sometimes that happens to be during typical work hours, so the flexibility we’ve been offered has made this possible.

Anwesha Datta, Recruiting Coordinator

COVID-19 and the days of isolation have taught me the significance of effective communication. As a team, we need to interact every day over video calls, and it has become important to adapt ourselves to this scenario. Because it’s not possible to take a vacation, I have also taken up baking as a hobby, to occupy myself when I am not working. 

Aarti Iyer, Senior Recruiter

During these challenging times, it’s important to keep ourselves motivated. The lifestyle shift brought on by COVID-19 has given me a chance to connect more with my daughter. I explored creative ways to help her with her online school lessons to ensure she stays engaged.  On the professional front, I connect with global teams on several projects, which helps me broaden my perspective and expand my skillset. As I look back, these lessons have kept me on my toes.

Jen Rees-Gay, Executive Recruiter

The changes brought on by COVID-19 have helped me adjust my way of working.  I now make it a habit to create a list of daily tasks and set up a daily schedule. I get great satisfaction in ticking off items on my” to-do” list and this has helped me stay focused and prioritize effectively. Connecting with my team at least weekly through video conferences has been fantastic, as has collaboration with other global teams. Ironically, I’ve never felt so connected to colleagues located in different countries. This has been a bright spot throughout this experience and I’m excited to continue this kind of collaboration.

What has this pandemic taught you? Share with us in the comment section.