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Karelle Bijaoui Shares 3 Traits That Make the Hong Kong Sales Team Successful

Are you interested in a career in Sales? Below, Karelle Bijaoui, Senior Sales Manager in Hong Kong, shares the secret to her team’s success.

October 02, 2020

I started my career in Gartner 7 years ago as a Senior Account Executive for the Strategic Accounts Organization. The first 3 years seemed to fly by as I focused on building my knowledge of our business and product offerings while navigating complex sales cycles. It wasn’t long before I had proven my ability to be successful in my role, and had earned the opportunity to take on a new challenge – leading the sales teams of the Philippines and Hong Kong.

In my new role as a leader, the first thing I did was pause and reflect upon my experience at Gartner.  I thought about what I had done to achieve success so I could use those principles to coach my team along their journey.  Here are 3 things that have contributed most to my success, and more importantly, continue to hold true for our current team as well.

  • Openness to receiving feedback: We learn from each other and our experiences. Our team has been able to grow and achieve our goals because we view challenges as an opportunity and take feedback to learn and improve.  Keep in mind that feedback can be both positive and constructive so it’s also important to celebrate the wins and build upon them.
  • Self-driven: At Gartner, the opportunity is limitless, however, it’s up to you to take the initiative and steer your course. Those who are willing to put in the time to learn, build relationships and leverage the resources available are usually the most successful.
  • High level of resilience: In a sales role, you have to learn to never take no for an answer.  Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but the top performers on our team are able to continuously adapt and overcome to keep pushing towards your goals. 

Our Hong Kong Sales team is a fantastic blend of highly-talented and motivated people. Every day, I am impressed with their dedication to our clients and their ability to persevere. We’re a small, but mighty team with a wide array of personalities which makes working together most enjoyable. 

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