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Doing Meaningful Work: Why Laxmi Akshay Returned To Gartner

Laxmi Akshay, Product Reviews Manager, is sharing the story of his career path and how he’s been an instrumental player in many challenging, influential projects.

August 28, 2020

At Gartner, we provide our associates with the rock-solid foundation and resources to steer their own career development. Whether it’s developing in your current role, moving into leadership, or mastering your discipline, how far you go is up to you.

Akshay first joined the Gartner team as a Contributing Analyst in Gurgaon, where he covered the IT Security and Risk Management Agenda. This role allowed him to connect with both leading vendors and end-users – helping him to identify and report on IT trends early. One key project that Akshay worked on was the first  Internet of Things (IoT) Security Forecasts note for Gartner in 2016. “This project was a challenging scoping and structuring exercise, with multi-industry and functional end-point implementations (such as smart cities) to be considered. Through in-depth research and collaboration with other analysts, I was able to deliver results and discover trends that helped shape the future of many companies,” he says.

When looking to make his next professional move, Akshay decided to briefly leave Gartner, allowing for him to explore other roles in product development and strategy – but he didn’t stay away for long. After his brief hiatus, he made the decision to rejoin the company in a new role. 

Akshay joined the Digital Markets team to combine his passion for problem-solving and data analysis. Within a very short time, he started to work on several large-scale projects, which are helping to define our business strategy beyond 2020. “Gartner’s inherent values of integrity and no-limits mindset syncs well with me and this opportunity helped me to put both passion and values together in one role”. Learn more about our corporate culture and values here.

So, what made Akshay want to come back? “Gartner provides associates with fulfilling and challenging opportunities, while also being employee-friendly. People are respectful of each other and learning potential has always been important at Gartner and to me.”

Not only has Akshay had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the brightest minds at Gartner, but also to do work that has impacted the strategy of client organizations around the world. “It’s rare to find organizations where colleagues have stayed for multiple decades and many – like me – return because we want to experience the same culture, work, and opportunities once again.” 

So, what’re you waiting for? If you’re looking for a place to thrive and make a visible impact, Gartner is the place for you. 

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