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How Gartner’s Sales Team in India Achieved Success

Interested in pursuing a career in sales? Sharokh Allarakhia, Sales Manager from Mumbai, India shares four helpful tips for achieving success at Gartner.

August 12, 2020

Written by Sharokh Allarakhia, Sales Manager from Mumbai, India

As a sales manager for large and global enterprises, my job is to increase Gartner’s footprint and drive revenue in our defined territories. I’m also responsible for coaching and supporting my team of nine associates and ensuring they are consistently delivering on respective goals.

How do we set ourselves up for success?  We follow these 4 best practices below.

  1. Establish trust and respect

To achieve success as a team, it’s important to first build trust in the group. Respecting each other’s perspective and acknowledging that everyone has a unique value to add, strengthens the overall potential of the team.

2. Set achievable goals and define success

At the start of each year, we assess key priorities and clearly define our success criteria.  Having one collective vision helps ensure we can stay focused, so we are always spending our time on the most impactful activities. It is crucial to raise the bar when setting goals, but also ensure they are achievable.

3. Plan and prioritize

Planning and prioritizing are key ingredients in the recipe for success.  To progress towards our goals, we adopt proven practices.  Sometimes, this means breaking away from old ones. Having a well-thought-out action plan is important.  We plan everything – solving our clients’ challenges to celebrating our triumphs. Our tactical strategies work wonders and guide us along our path to success.

4. Execute Effectively

Our team believes that if you do the right things, great results will follow.  We break down our team goals into smaller deliverables that can be actioned swiftly.  We also consistently reevaluate to ensure we’re always aligned with Gartner’s mission-critical priorities. Effective execution is crucial — whether it’s recommending the right analyst or research to solve the clients’ challenges or getting into our next meeting.   Delivering top-quality outcomes, consistently, leads to success.

Most importantly, with each of the above, we take time to celebrate the small wins, which motivates us to continue to strive for greatness. Our team was recently recognized at Gartner India Sales Awards, 2019. Finally, let it be known that what truly maximizes your potential at Gartner is being humble and hungry.  

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