6 Tips for Sales Success


As part of the Gartner sales team, you’ll have a seat at the table advising and helping clients identify and solve their most important challenges. Individuals who’ve got a will-to-win attitude and push the possibilities of the role by building relationships and becoming a trusted advisor to clients are the most successful here.  Sound like a fit for you?

Below, Chetan Bhardwaj, Senior Account Executive from Gurgaon, India shares his perspective on what it takes to be successful in sales at Gartner.

Open your mind: Be prepared to learn a lot.  When you first come on board, you’ll participate in our robust training program.   This training provides the information you need to understand Gartner’s business, sales best practices and helps lay the foundation to prepare you for the role. So, open your mind, challenge your thinking, and continue to build upon what you know. 

Build strong work relationships: At Gartner, you’ll be working alongside some of the most talented, driven people – make it a priority to get to know them. Making an effort and showing genuine interest in others will help you make personal connections with your colleagues.  These work relationships will be instrumental in helping you succeed.  

Process pays off: Gartner is a process-oriented, data-driven company.  Leveraging our proven practices will set you on the path for success. There’s no need to recreate the wheel.  Our sales process principles are designed to encourage a team approach to helping clients solve their most complex challenges.    It may take some time to decode all the Gartner acronyms, but once you do, focus on working together with respective teams, and stick to what’s been proven to work.  This will set you on the fast track to success. 

Keep your eye on the prize:   Like most organizations, Gartner’s sales culture is highly performance-driven.  And for those who remain curious, coachable, and are willing to work hard and persevere, the role can be extremely rewarding. Let’s face it – people like to win – and if you can exceed your goals, reap the rewards and make a positive impact on the world,  what’s better than that? 

Learn from leadership: One of the best things about working at Gartner is that we have the opportunity to work closely with colleagues of all levels.   I encourage you to take advantage of this.  Leverage your leaders whenever you can.  Ask questions.  Learn from them.  A quick conversation with a global leader could give you knowledge that could accelerate your career.  

Celebrate and elevate: Our sales organization is an amazing engine that has its interdependencies.  Your immediate team and your supporting account team will be critical to your success. When celebrating, celebrate together and elevate them to the same visibility level as you. This does not take away from your win — it makes it greater!

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