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How Gartner Associates Are Helping Clients During Coronavirus

June 24, 2020

In light of COVID-19, Gartner associates around the globe have been working from home. As you can imagine, this has significantly changed the way we work. We’ve been challenged to quickly adapt to new routines and shift how we interact with colleagues and clients. Despite the unprecedented situation, one thing remains unchanged — the way in which we support our clients by providing the insights, advice, and tools to help them achieve their mission-critical priorities.

We asked our Executive Partner team in China to share with us any challenges they’ve encountered and how they’ve adjusted to overcome them. Here are 3 examples of associates putting their no-limits mindset to the test to ensure they’re able to continue delivering value to our clients even during these trying times.

What did your typical workday look like prior to COVID-19?

Gordon Hu, Executive Partner, Beijing 

My days were usually booked with client meetings and internal meetings. I traveled often to meet clients on-site, so sometimes I would even dial into calls while en route to making the most of my time.

Bruce Liu, Executive Partner, Shenzhen

The majority of my meetings were in-person, whether with clients or some of my internal partners like analysts or account executives. On average, I had two meetings a day working to understand our clients’ challenges and solve for the most effective solutions.

Ruu-Tian Lawrence, Executive Partner, Taipei

I worked to fulfill my tasks for the day, one client at a time. I worked collaboratively with analysts and closely with our sales and Premium Client Management teams. We’d work together to ensure our clients were getting the most value from our partnership.

How has your role, and the way in which you work, changed?

Gordon: We now connect with our clients virtually via phone calls or online meetings. Most of our discussions are related to COVID-19 and how to deliver services and engage with clients, like virtual events, online EP roundtables, etc.

Bruce: Working from home gives us more flexibility when we work/connect with clients/colleagues. You don’t have to travel to the client site, which saves time. So instead of 3 client meetings a day, now maybe we can do 5!

Ruu-Tian: Because we are bound to our homes, we have more time on our hands. But we are busier than ever because the needs are immense. Timing is tense for both clients and our analyst communities. I’m thankful for the workplace collaboration platform which enables us to quickly and consistently communicate with our coworkers and has been impressed by Gartner’s ability to provide such an environment for us.  We see faces, we hear voices and are able to continue to successfully deliver on our goals – despite the rapid shift to working remotely.

What are the major topics in our clients’ minds?

Gordon: The No. 1 topic is how CIOs can take action to help companies dealing with COVID-19. Different industries have different focuses, like online selling, remote work, online collaboration, etc. Furthermore, CIOs may have responsibilities contributing to income growth or cost optimization during COVID, and Gartner has extensive research on these topics to help our clients make the most informed decisions.

Bruce: Regardless of industries, all clients are thinking: What will be the new business model after COVID-19? They are also looking for more information on cost optimization, virtual work efficiency, etc.

Ruu-Tian: Many are deeply entrenched in upgrading and enhancing their business continuity management (BCM). With Gartner’s help, they can move forward with confidence. We see great curiosity and broader yearning to learn about innovation — innovative business models and use cases among leading organizations — with a great sense of urgency.

How is Gartner helping clients resolve their issues?

Gordon: Gartner adapted to the current situation by launching dedicated COVID-19 research which included a variety of topics such as 11 Areas CIOs Need to Consider, a CIO Checklist for COVID-19 and many more. COVID-19 has placed greater emphasis on the importance of digital business and digital workplaces.

Bruce: The swift action taken by the Gartner Research and Advisory team has helped us to develop a series of coronavirus-related research just in time to deliver great value to our clients.  We, as Executive Partners help our clients achieve success by first listening to their challenges, then leveraging our extensive library of Gartner research and resources.  

Ruu-Tian: The Gartner service and delivery model is fantastic. Account executives identify clients who can benefit from our research and expertise.  We have a best-in-class client support structure that seamlessly offers around the clock service to our clients, and a team of Executive Partners to aid and contextualize client needs through our professional experiences. We also have analyst communities that provide strategic and practical best practices to our users with one-on-one inquiries, webinars, and research papers.  

Did you know that Gartner has a COVID-19 resource center that’s available to all? Here you’ll find the latest insights from our team.