Diversity & Inclusion

Veterans At Gartner

Thanking Our Military Spouses & Partners

May 08, 2020

As the world’s leading research and advisory organization, we believe that we’re made stronger and better by fostering an inclusive and diverse environment for all our associates. It’s what makes Gartner a great place to work.

At Gartner, we’re dedicated to supporting members of the military community. Whether you’re actively serving, a veteran or a military spouse/partner, we recognize and thank you for the sacrifices you’ve made.

This year on May 8th, we’re observing Military Spouse Appreciation Day, to honor the contributions military spouses and partners have made while supporting troops during mission, deployment, reintegration and reset. Today and every day, we recognize the tremendous work of military spouses and partners around the world.  

Meet a few of our military members, spouses and partners as they share about their own experiences and what it’s like to work at Gartner, below.

“When I started my career with Gartner, my husband and I were moving around quite a bit while he was on assignment. Gartner was fantastic about supporting me through the transition and allowing me to stay in a role that is so personally rewarding to me. That commitment matters – it decreases the stress on our family significantly and I know that as things change, I will be supported and will have a home at Gartner.” – Danielle McKinley, Director, Research & Advisory

“As a military child and spouse, I am grateful for Gartner’s commitment to supporting transitioning veterans. The change can often be overwhelming for everyone involved – not just the person who has served. Knowing that Gartner has veteran-specific programs in place to ease the transition process, let me know that this company really cares for veterans and spouses alike.” – Erica Lopez, Recruiting Programs Specialist

“Gartner has proven to me in a variety of ways that they care about my wellbeing and success. Military spouses are faced with unique challenges, but Gartner never made me feel as if my service member’s situation was going to negatively impact my career. My time in the military and the unique skills I bring to this organization as a military spouse has only helped me to grow.” – Carrie Comley, Business Development Executive and U.S. Army Veteran

“Early in my career as an electrical engineer, it was a challenge to switch jobs every time my Air Force pilot husband was transferred to a new location. However, 20 years ago, I found my home as a Gartner consultant, which enabled me to transfer to 4 different locations each time my husband was transferred. As a military spouse, I was able to contribute to high-impact engagements for public sector clients no matter where we were stationed.” – Rosy Spraker, Expert Partner, Consulting

“In the military, just like in our families, it’s all about supporting the greater team. The Veterans at Gartner employee resource group is a great team – it’s all about the veteran community and is truly what this company is all about. It gives my wife great comfort knowing that I have a fantastic group of people here who have my back here at Gartner.” – Joseph Simons, Senior Consultant, Federal

“I don’t know what has been more challenging: working and taking care of the kids while my husband was deployed or working and managing the kids during the current COVID-19 crisis. I know two things for sure: one – Gartner supported me through both situations; two – my military spouse experience made me and my family more adaptable and resilient. No matter what life throws at us, we will get through it.” – Elena Angell, Program Manager, Global CSR

Learn more about what makes Gartner a great place to work for military members and their families here.